The Sisters

The Sisters

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sarah Cate: I prayed like I've never prayed for the gift of tongues.

YAHOOO!! I am sooo happy to hear about Calder's baptism. What an awesome thing Calder. Way to represent and play your violin as well!!! Double yahooo! Happy birthday James and Uncle Bear! Hope all is going well and hope this next year is a blast for y'all !!
First of all: I truly mean the things i said about sister Collins. That does not mean that we get along every second. We are different. She keeps me "in line" and I am working on not needing her to. I don't think y'all think i am not working out here but i am truly working my tail off. Texas is not a dream. I feel the mission rarely is. Its OK though because the work aspect makes it real. It makes it something that will be worth it in the end. I have no regrets. I am here serving and here I will serve till I am done.
So this week was pretty normal. Just missionary work as usual. Friday we got a call from the Elders that the lady that lived next to them was trying to speak to them but she was speaking in sign language and they wanted me to go over and speak with her! At first i was very very nervous because i haven't spoken sign language for over 6 months and my vocabulary has greatly decreased without practice. I prayed like I've never prayed for the gift of tongues. I was also very nervous about the possible fact that she may speak Spanish sign language but i went in faith, hoping that things would work them selves out. Well we didn't know what to do because we couldn't knock on the door as usual. We couldn't do anything like that. we tried pounding on the walls seeing if maybe she could feel a vibration or stomping on the floor. Then one of the Elders stuck a pass along card in the door and started to wiggle it around. Eventually, (we're not sure by which method she knew someone was at the door) she came and opened the door. She was very happy to see us. She is about 50-55 years old and she has big glasses. She started to try to talk and it was in Spanish. i started to sign and asked her how she was. She immediately started to light up and shot off like a rocket with her sign language. Yes. it was Spanish sign language but some things were similar so for the next hour we sat down and talked with her about her life and about God. I have never learned any signs about God or religion or anything to do with things like that. but, thanks to my final project in sign language, i learned the word believe! yahooo some sort of break through. I remembered Jesus Christ and a few varied signs from when i was a child learning songs in primary. Nothing miraculous happened but i we were able to set up a return appointment with her and am so excited to see her again. I know she felt the spirit because i prayed in sign language. (also another thing I've never done or tried to do in this life) but she cried when it was over and i told her that i loved her and she said she loved me and that she was so happy to talk with someone. IT was so beautiful. I don't know sing language, let alone Spanish sign language but the spirit was present and that was all that i needed. I am blessed. It was a very neat experience.
On Sunday, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, Sister Collins and I got asked to speak in Spanish branch. I nearly died because i don't know how to speak Spanish. It was very very very very very very very x's 100000 scary....but I lived through it. When I sat down, the member of the district presidency turned to me and said that I did a great job and that I only messed up on a few words. :) He said I brought the spirit though so its all that matters. Afterwords he said that sister Collins and i had nearly opposite talks but that together we make a perfect person. sssaaaawwwweeeeeeeeeeeeettttttt!! I can't wait to take this place by storm.
We have some people we hope to be working with soon. No solid names yet but i will keep you posted. I love you all so much. Never forget that.
hna. Sorensen

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