The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sarah Cate: Of Time and Change...

As far as the change. I have never experienced the pain of leaving people and an area that have helped me change so much....oh was EXACTLY like leaving home all over again. There were similar tears and prayers to help me get through the rough transition. I was so broken hearted to leave Del Rio. As most of you know, i was working hard in figuring out how to work with my companion. This last transfer was a tough one with her. She is an amazing person and i believe she can be an amazing missionary so I am excited for her. We were doubled out. There were no obedience issues on my part (don't worry, I talked to President about it). I knew my time had come but that did not make it any easier to leave. I was hoping so much that i could stay but because God is so merciful and loving towards me, he blessed me with a new opportunity to love and grow.
I am now in Encino Park, San Antonio. It is truly the exact opposite of where I have been working. It is known in the mission as "The rich-white-area" We cover two wards here of about 300 people each! That is crazy huge!!! I am completely baffled by it. I was very worried because the culture shock was quite significant. However, I am so lucky to have one of the best Sister Missionaries in the Mission.  She is ssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!! When I talked to President, he said that she and I are who he wants Missionaries to be like. What an honor! I am sooo happy. She has taught me how to love so much. I am sooo blessed to have her. She has changed my life and my mission already. Her name is Sister Emily Larsen. She is from Idaho. She has lived in South America for a total of 10 months -working in various sound out that word.... I am blessed. We live with a member right now in San Antonio.
My address Is:

2318 Park Farm
San Antonio, Tx. 78259

YAHOOOO!! I know I'll be here for AT LEAST another transfer. (President told me). He has been a huge blessing in my life. I am so so so blessed and happy to have such a great man who truly knows his missionaries and wants whats best for him and for us. I am blessed.
My clothes are so worn! I am going to need to get short sleeve t-shirts. I feel like i need to get a whole new wardrobe being around all these very rich people but i don't care. They are just going to have to love THIS sister Sorensen! it's less hot here but A LOT more humid. Life is good. I am going to need to get some more garments as well. I am wearing them out! Man i am just so blessed.
Well i have to run but i love you all so much. Please write me. I am praying for you all. Now i have more time to write its going to be better!! Oooohhh we live with a member who has 4 BOSTON TERRIERS and they love me! YAHOO.. I LOVE THEM. They all have first and middle names and are treated like children. One of them is blind and runs into everything but is the sweetest dog. Oh is so funny. So great. I love it. I am blessed. I love you all!!!

Hna. Sarah Cate Sorensen

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