The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Oh my dear Mother, Oh my dear Father, Oh my dear dear dear ones! Has it really only been a week in the mission field? I feel like I have already experienced a life-time worth of experiences. I am in BRAZIL!!! OH IT IS SO VERY REAL NOW! I cannot rely on English anymore...I am trying and with the constant help from the Lord am learning this language. I also have the most amazingly patient and loving companion you could ever ask for. Her name is Sister Naciomento...she is from Sao Paulo and has been in the field almost the same amount of time as Sarah Cate. I love her! She is a master teacher and I hope to be able to speak as she does someday. I also live with two other sister...Sister Fernades (she is in my same group from the CTM and is new also) and Sister Randal- she is from St. George and after serving in Montana for 3 months waiting on a visa she has been in Brazil for 2 Months now....OH my goodness I admire her courage and strength...I learn so much from these sisters everyday. I am currently serving in Campo is the capital of the state of  Motto Grosso do Sul and because I am approximately 12 hours by bus from the mission home I only receive letters once every I will receive your letters about every 2 months while I am here. But thanks you so much and I look forward to them that much more.
       I will try to fill you in on my life....ok first of all my last week in the CTM I went to the Policia Federal so that I could stay in the country (I passed) after this, I finished up all my learning of the language (yeah right! ha) and My old companiera Sister Heydorn and I traveled with a group of  7 other Brazilians to Cuiaba...I experienced for the first time walking out of the plane by steps and not into a terminal...Cuiaba was as everyone has said muito quente (very HOT). I love my Mission President and he is very nice...I don´t know him very well and needless to say my first day was very overwhelming -espcially with the language...My Mission President doesn´t speak very much English and this scared me at first but now I´m excited and ready to communicate with him better. We had lunch at the mission home and spoke with Sister Olivera a little and then we were taught the rules of the mission and some logistical things (I don´t know how to spell or speak any language right now so forgive my horrible spelling).  Then that same evening we arrived, I boarded a onibus (your basic Greyhound) to Campo Grande...sister missionaries only serve in these two cities Cuiaba or Campo Grande but tudo bem. I love it! After 12-13 hours on the bus through the night I arrived in my mission area. I was kinda freaking out at this point but then I met my companion and the other sisters and I can do this! With the Help from the Lord I can do this! I do believe this will be quite a challenge though....that has been very very real to me this week.
But more about the work...we began work right away...I have initiated my first contact, I have committed someone for baptism, I have lost the baptism that we acquired and taught and heard teaching in a lot of Portuguese. I have said many prayers (because everyone loves to hear the new American try to speak ) and I have attended my first church meeting and I played at a baptisms of Olivia a member in the ward. I know this isn´t very clear but in summary it has been an amazingly long hard awesome wonderful stretching humbling and encouraging week! The Lord is this work and I know I can do this! But I know that it is work! My testimony does not waver and when I think of my situation I have absolutely nothing to complain about! I love you all! I´m so happy to hear about all the fun summer things you are doing! Stay strong and do what you know it be right. If you don´t know what is right..pray and seek council from your Loving Heavenly Father! HE IS THERE! HE IS REAL! HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW HIM! I love what I am doing and the opportunity I have to learn and grow as I help others to do so. I will have more composed thoughts next week but have a wonderful week and know that I love you and pray for you- mom thanks for your brought me to tears in the Internet cafe it was exactly what I needed to hear! I love you! Have a wonderful week!
Com Amor, Sister Libbi Sorensen
P.S. I think I have way too many clothes and other things...I feel like I have a lot of stuff but maybe that is because of travel and carrying all that stuff but my cloths are working and if not there are places I can get more...I am totally taken care of I will let you know if there is anything I need next year (when I receive any sort of package hahha) I love you and know you are there..I feel your prayers and your support everyday...I need it! Thanks!  Eu tenho saudades por minha Casa esta semana mas eu vou perseverar! Eu amo voces!

(Here's a note and a photo we received from someone who met Libbi in Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Hey Sorensen Family!!
I met your daughter in São Paulo a couple of weeks ago, I'm on an
internship here and I ran into her and her companion when they were
doing proselyting practice in the MTC.  She seems to be doing very
well, her portuguese was very good, and she was shining with the
missionary spirit, I could tell that she loves the work she is doing!
Here's the picture we took, congratulations, she is going to be an
excellent missionary!!!!
Hillary Chamberlain

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