The Sisters

The Sisters

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Libbi: "The Lord can´t steer a ship that isn´t moving"

Oh MY DEAR DEAR FAMILY (ps I told sarah the same thing about living in the moment haha funny)
GREETINGS FROM BRAZIL!!! First off HAPPY WAY LATE FATHERS DAY DAD!!! I love you and I´m so proud and happy that you are my father and I learn so much from you! Happy Birthday to Kate on the 19th, Uncle Bill and James on the 21st and Grace on the 23! Also happy pre-birthday week to Kim and Susu on the 29th! Oh it is a great day in the Lord´s Army! Congratulations to all that are in California...I´m sure it is wonderful there but I have to day I really don´t mind the winter here in Sao Paulo...pretty much the perfect temperature all the time...kinda make me way scared for the summer in Cuiaba...if this is cold I think I might just be uncomfortably hot for the next 18 months...but I guess I knew that.
So we had round 2 of contacting on the street this week..double the practice and this time it went WAY better! We gave out all our Livro De Mormons and we talked to a bunch of people...guess what I actually understood some of the Portuguese that people spoke to me! Crazy! The Lord is so good to me! I know I am being blessed so much by the Lord with help with this language! I love it here! I love my teachers, people around me...I´m a little sad because a huge group of missionaries left for the field today including many of my dear friends...I may have only known them for 2 weeks but you truly do build life long friendships in the mission. CALDER!!!! how could I forget! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BAPTISM! From what I hear you were a one man show! I wouldn´t expect any less! I´m so proud of you and the steps you are taking to return to your Heavenly Father! It is so important! I´m so happy for you! Meg I´m excited for you and your decision to play viola...since you no longer will play the same instrument as me I guess you can be in my band when I get home! It is going to be pretty awesome!  So, this coming week I will go pass out LDM in down town Sao Paulo...pretty crazy we  are going a week early because we have an elder in our district who is a week a head that is also why we got to go out on the street twice as well...but I love it I´m way scared and excited and I love the extra practice I really need it! I don´t know how to press enter on these Brazilian computers and it is driving my crazy! Anyway, Sorry I don´t have much more time but I love you and I wish you all well this week my thought for you is, "the Lord can´t steer a ship that isn´t moving" -if we do our part the Lord will provide a way! I know this to be true...I´m the evidence of this! Also Mom my journal and other letters and such are in the mail...please let me know when they arrive so that I can have an idea of how long it takes and also to make sure I don´t lose those precious pages of my journal! I LOVE YOU!!! HAVE A KILLER WEEK!!!!!                                      
-LOVE SISTER LIBBI SORENSEN xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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