The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sarah Cate: Deeper in the Heart of Texas

Alrighty!! Happy Happy birthday Amy! Happy Birthday Aunt Marge! Hope you've had a pioneery weekend. I know and trust my family would. You asked if pioneers are mentioned here and guess what....THEY ARE! They are super fun and as always in Texas, its go big or go home. We had a huge stake activity and there was line dancing (of course I did not participate) and they had a tractor with a covered wagon top and painted on it was "Utah or Bust"-- yes, I took a picture of it and I felt at home. I would have taken a ride but I was not about to fight off the 5 year-olds. They also had some milking booths where you could milk oxen. It was beautiful. This all happened on Saturday. It was very hot so they had a huge breakfast and then let the horse shoe tournament begin. They also had pony rides for the kids as well. We had a couple non-members come so it was very fun. 
Right now my companion and I cover two areas. Bulverde and Encino Park. We are not allowed to proselyte in Bulverde but we meet with a lot of less actives and we get referrals. Bulverde is a lot more spacious and has a greater variety of peoples. Encino Park is a very nice area and mostly gated communities. Its very scary because people call the police (mostly threaten) on us hourly. We have to find out ways to get all the gate codes so that we can work in other areas. There are a few neighborhoods that are not gated and so we knock a lot in there. We meet lots of very unhappy people who yell at us. Most people have some sort of religious background. We met a man this week that when we told him who we were he said "Oh really?! dang. We are doing this funny weird thing at our church about trying to get all the Mormons to come to our church" haha they are a funny people here. There is a church here that has a carousel inside of it! Yes....its huge and so when we talk about our church, we cannot tell kids that it will be "fun" because they will ask if we have a carousel at our church. 
My companion is amazing at Spanish. She lived in Ecuador for 10 months working at an orphanage. She loves rules. She is a very beautiful person inside and out. She is from Boise Idaho. Her first name is Emily and she just got her little sister's wedding invitation this last week...hahaha she is really silly though. I like that. Sometimes I feel boring around her. I am growing up though. :) You would be proud. 
This Saturday we are baptizing Courtney Lee!!! She is about 35 and has two beautiful kids. Katherine is 11 and Rex (Buh Buh) is 5. Katherine should be getting baptized here soon as well. We don't have a date for her yet but it will come soon. She just got back from her Dad's. Courtney is dating a member of the church but she started getting into the church before she decided to be baptized. We are praying really hard for more people to teach in Encino Park. We work hard every day. We knock a lot of doors. and on occasion...WE GET TO SPEAK SPANISH!! yahooo!
Well today has started out beautifully. We got the opportunity for a little bit to clean the San Antonio Temple up here. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY. Seriously...I think its my favorite. I have no bias or nothin! ---oooo double negatives...used all the time here. I hope you enjoy. ;) It has a lot of stained glass which is so beautiful. It is a lot smaller but oh so pretty. I got to clean the Temple offices. The aircon was broken so it was, once again, a billion degrees. Este es mi vida so its all good. So fun and pretty. The baptistery is simple but so pretty. I love it.(Did I mention that)...
The lady we live with (Sister Scott) has her daughter-in-law visiting this week with her three kids. It brings some interesting life into the house. Oooooohhhh i didn't tell you but guess what: decorations for the house in which I currently live: all Native American stuff. She listens to Indian drum circles when she gets up in the morning. The church may be the same everywhere but so is Indian music and Kachina dolls. The dogs are going crazy....don't worry the visiting family brought their Boston terrier!! ha!!! 5 Bostons in the house!!! I love it. They are so crazy and really ugly dogs. I probably will never own one but I love their individual personalities. One of them is blind and she runs into everything. When she runs into your leg, she will lick it for a good 20 mins. no joke. It is so funny.
I received a ton of mail this week! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Its all the stuff that was forwarded to the mission home after I left Del Rio so I got your letter Mom and Dad and Susu and Gus and Luny and Kelan! Thank you thank you thank you! Keep me posted on the chicken-egg count. Thanks Mom for the letter. It was good to hear from you. I've been worried about you. I love you. please don't work your self to death. I want a Mom when I get back. Dad, you too. Please don't work yourself to death. Pete: don't work yourself to death on the fountain. Sorry its such a beast. All I can do is pray for y'all. Thanks for the updates. I appreciate them greatly.
I love you all soo much. Don't forget it.
Hna. Sorensen

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