The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sarah Cate: Deep in the Heart of Texas...

I know it won't make you happy but its going to be a shorter message this week. I am doing well but I have been beating myself up all week because I didn't give a shout out to Uncle Mike and Ben for their birthdays! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And my dearest parents@! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Holy wow....30 years is incredible. I hope to be as incredible as you one day!
We talked to a man this week that was the first person that has ever chased us off a lawn and told us that we weren't welcome in his city! hahaha oohhh I love it. He was actually quite rude to my companion which made me very very sad. I prayed for him a lot. And I prayed that my heart would forgive him. I love learning very very much. Every day on the mission is a growing experience, I feel like, and I'm sure I sound like a broken record.
Ayumi, whom we were going to set with a date this week, told us that she was not going to be able to continue with us because her husband does not agree with organized religion. She knows its true so it was quite heartbreaking.
We are teaching a lot of young girls here. They are kids of new members or step children. I love them very much. Whitley is one of them. she is 13 and she has been antied by her dad pretty hard core. If you could pray for her, I would greatly appreciate it. Please pray that we find some more people to teach here. I know that the faith of our family is so strong. I am blessed to have such a good one. Don't let Satan attack our family! Stay strong all of you!!...I guess we can't avoid the attacking but we can sure withstand him. Read pray and go to church. It changes the world. Its true.
I love you all so much. Don't forget it! I am hoping to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I hope to one day be a fine tool that the Lord can always go to!...kinda like a leatherman. I am blessed. Thank you for your love ands support. 
I love you all forever and ever!~
hna. Sorensen

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