The Sisters

The Sisters

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Libbi: Mom, Congrats on your Chaco Tan!

Another week down! Time flies by and yet the same thing occurs pretty much everyday! First off Ben remember when you sent me a letter in Provo a day after I left......well....guess what....i got that letter because a sister that arrived 2 weeks ago finally found it in her stuff and she brought if for me from Provo!!! HAPPY DAY!!!! Anyway, I wrote you back but i´m sending it to MOM and DAD because I don´t think i have your address. Ok, SUSU AND KIMMI HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!! I love you both so much and I´m so happy that you have another year of experience and growth! MOM- CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR CHACO TAN!!!!!! Probably the highlight of your letter (not really I love to hear from you) but I laughed out loud when I heard that...I have not had a chance to wear mine yet here but I know I will be able to. Everyone wears sandals here. Ok, once again thanks for your letter it took about a week for it to arrive here...actually exactly! I loved hearing from you! Oh and I found out that only takes like 1 day because they print them or something so SEND ME SOME MISSIONTIES.COM FAMILY! I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU ALL!!! I am so glad to have the family that I do! You are all so wonderful and I really do love you so much! You have all taught me something or helped me to be who I am and all the experiences I have had up to this point have been facilitated by you so thanks! I love you. Alright, So no trip to the center of Sao Paulo this week but I believe next week we will go for sure. I was sort of hoping to have double the experience but no worries, I am so excited either way. We had a nice group of Brazilians arrive this week and we have 6 Brazilians going to CUIABA!!! YEAH sister Heydorn and I won´t be the only missionaries there! Ha ha They are a really nice group and I´m really excited to get to know them all better. We also have 2 new Brazilian roommates here and they are both going to serve in Sao Paulo sul and they are really nice women. I never have enough time to share with you all the things on my mind but I did get the opportunity to speak this past Sunday...the way it works is that every week you prepare a talk and then the speakers are chosen at random on that day. We always talk about Christ Like attributes. This week I studied humility and before i forget all of you should look at the examples of humility and service found in Math 20:19, Mosiah 2:14-15, and John 13:1-16. i specifically focused on being a leader and having humility and serving the people you lead. I think that the talk went very well and I was just so happy for the promptings of the spirit that helped me and allowed me to learn more about this amazing attribute we all seek to have. PS I found a scripture that totally articulates how I feel about this work check out Alma 29:1-2 are good but verse 9!!!! WAHOO SO AMAZING! Alright,  well I am running out of time but I just had a great week...I´m trying so very hard to learn this is easy to be discouraged but I didn´t come on a mission because I knew it would be easy! I´m so happy for the chance I have to choose to be happy! I love looking forward to everyday and I´m so grateful for all the support i feel from all of you! This work is real and changes lives. We had a group meeting get together thing with our whole zone on Sat. night and we heard a clip from Elder Holland...oh my goodness what a powerful man anyway he said something like,` I´m always really hard on missionaries and I´m constantly apologizing but its because MY MISSION MEANT EVERYTHING TO ME! DON`T WASTE A DAY An hour a min! That is how I feel! I don´t want to waste a single second of the Lords time! I love these people and this language and most of all this message! It is so happy! I love you all and congrats to KIRSTEN ON HER MISSION CALL!!! I  Love you! Sister Libbi Sorensen!!

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