The Sisters

The Sisters

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I know the work is true. I know that IT IS WORK.

Ok mom, dad, family, friends,
I know the work is true. I know that IT IS WORK. That is ALL we did this week and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............................NOTHING!!! :) ooohh the sweet joys of just plain hard work. Thank you for your post cards. I hadn't heard from anyone until friday and then they all came and my ever faithful letter from Susu and Gus. Man does that make my week. Thank you for your words of wisdom and of support. 
Wow, how to wrap up this week....ummm.........truly i am at a loss. I would love to respond to some of the questions and comments made in your last e-mail to me: Do i know Sister Pratt? HECKS YES I KNOW SISTER PRATT! She served with my trainer in the MTC. I saw her and met her during our training meeting in Austin. She is a very nice person.--no se como escribirlo pero we are going on exchanges with her this transfer. She is going to come down to Del Rio! Let her mom know!! Like may 9th-ish time. haha i have the best mom in the world...joins a group of mothers who have children in Texas and in Brazil. Only the best moms join those i want you to know. hahah oohhh i love you mom. 
My questions: Libbi, what day EXACTLY are you leaving and do you know if you are going to provo or to Brazil? If your farewel is on mother's day i need to coordinate a time that is best FOR YA'LL  because i have a wopping 45 MINUTES TO TALK TO YOU. yEAH......popa. un gran popa. So please let me know what time i need to call. 
This last week i reflected much on life adn the meaning of it. One day i am going to have to grow up. That scares me so bad. Why does life need to be a constant progression....oh i know, because i would have stopped already. Life progesses so that we can experience as much as we possibly can. This experience is what makes life. This experience that i am gaining right i hope it helps me. I have never been an endurance runner.  Maybe that is why i am in Texas right now. To learn to endure. To learn to take every day and find the joys and just keep running. Never stopping to enjoy the flowers but aknowledging that they are there. I know this is a coveted area in the mission but like everything, the grass is always greener. When i get to look into mexico i often think about why texas? Whyyyyyyyyy why am i here? I have to bring myself back to reality and say " this is where i am. You are serving here. You can't ask why. You just have to keep going. This is not your time." The lack of success is waring on my companion too. She had a few hard days this week where she broke down. I think i've regressed in my people skills. I've become the awkward missionary. I hold strong to my humor because laughing is the best medicine to anything. If life hands you a poop basket, you have to say thank you because someone or something put the time in to make it for you. 
I am ridiculously supported by my family and friends and for that, i am forever grateful. Life is always good because life is what you make it. I trust that God knows that we are here. I hope he trusts us. We are working so very hard for that trust. I feel stupid writing all of this but in reality, i can't write home about all of the people that we are teaching and who is progressing and the wonderful stories we had this week because this week, we seriously, didn't have anything. We worked our butts off for 2 lessons. YOu will learn that 2 lessons is pathetic. I know what i need to do. I have faith. But just like EVERYTHING it just takes time. 
I know that this gospel is true. I know that it can change people's lives. It has changed mine. I am a better person for going on my mission. I am becoming more ways than one. Choose to be happy. Choose to find joy in the journey. Smile at least 6 times a day.
Last night i had a tender mercy. Easter Sunday we had 3 investigators set to come to church (the elders did but we've been working together with them) and none of them showed. We asked if we could do a musical number in sacrament meeting because our "Easter program" in the English branch was about as catholic as you could make it in a Mormon church. He said to me 'no. we already have a violinist in the ward. That is my wife" (his wife is also the woman who set up the Easter program of Jesus death). But She played Pie jesu and it was........just......great. It was happier than the program the previous week but the speakers were a family I can't even put into words how the meeting went. In was the most unusual Easter meeting I've ever had. Little to know mention on the reason for Easter or why we are even celebrating this day. I feel your car side devotional may have topped our meeting. Anyways, we went home to do our studies after it all and then went to have dinner at a member's house who have been married for 2 years. They live on base and it was fine. They are a very serious young couple so we talked about happiness and what makes us happy. No real celebration. Then we went to work...looking and knocking. When we had exhausted all potentials we decided to try a new thing. I took out my violin to a park that is 100% deserted about 99% of the time. I played just hymns and eventually three people came. I saw one had a guitar. It was a group of teenagers. The one with the guitar had short hair like mine and the other two were holding hands. I played some songs for them and then she played a song from Bright eyes for me. We talked music for a little bit and it filled me with such happiness and joy. It reminded me of home and of Libbi and her music. It was a tender way to end the evening playing the lord's hymns in a park for some teenagers.
i love you all. Never forget it
hna. Sorensen

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