The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Libbi: "I am fondly known around the 4 squares in gym as sister Rampage"

Ok here is goes!
 Todo Bem!!!!!(All is well)  I love my mission already. I love all the new things and all the amazing people and things I have already learned. So I arrived last wed. and immediately went to work. I had Portuguese class and gospel study as well. I know how to pray, bear testimony, and have a short conversation with no responses from me in minha ligua. I am trying very hard to be patient with myself and not be discouraged. (oh ps mom and dad please spell check spelling has gotten worse if that is even possible) Anyway, I'm doing well and learning a lot. I have been called to be the coordinating sister over our zone. This means I'm in charge of all the sister which are all in my district anyway. There are 4 of us. 3/4 are going to Cuiaba and the other sister is going to Campinas. My companion is Sister Heydorn and she is from Victorville California. She is great and we get a long very well. Sister Chapwin is from Wallsburg Utah and Sister Reynolds is from Auborn Washington just south of Seattle. They all are in my room along with Sister Brooks who is leaving tomorrow for Londrina Brasil. She was the only person left in her district I guess everyone else got their visas at week 2 so she has had a lonely MTC experience but she speaks very well.  We also go a new branch pres on sun. So we went from being welcomed by one pres. Aidukitus (spell it out) who was Brazilian to Pres. Wetton who went to Canada on his mission. Things have kinda been a roller coaster but really good. I finally feel a bit settled. I'm sorry but I only have a few more min. to write and I know this is short but it took me 10 mins just to get on the account because I couldn't remember my password. Sorry sorry sorry. Letters with more detail are in the mail.
I went to the Provo temple today for the first time and had a wonderful session. The elders in my district are Elder Weston (Mesa, AZ) Elder Smith district leader (Blackfoot, ID) and Elder Serrano (Miami, FL)-also got his endowments out today and is originally from Cuba so Laura check him out or his family or something.  I feel like I pack so much into everyday yet I do the same thing everyday so I'm not sure what to say. A lot of class and language study which I need. it is devegar (slow) I'm trying to be patient. 
Ah!!! I know this e-mail was not very informative but I'm sorry I just need to get used to having all my thoughts formed before I watch my 5 min. run down at the MTC. Mom! thank you for your wonderful e-mail. I love you and I miss you but I'm too excited and busy to think about it. I'm sorry that you are constantly reminded of my absence but if anyone can make due it is you. Meg thanks for your sweet e-mail I love you and miss you and don't think you are a bratty sister. You are 12 and I treat you like an adult. i'm sorry I'm not more patient. Dad! I love you I'm sorry I'm not able to understand Portuguese better. I'm trying it is slow. I will learn I know. I have faith and trust in the Lord everyday. This work is good and real and fun I just have way too much to say and way too little time. PS I saw Elder Smoot who is headed to Argentina he is doing well and seems happy. I also saw Jeff Weist the first day I was here. Wonderful to see a familiar face. I am fondly known around the 4 squares in gym as sister Rampage...we will see if that sticks. I just like to win...oh I love you I love you I love you! Keep being good! The church is good and I'm happy right where I am. I know all of this will work out and I will have more formed thoughts next week! Be safe and let me know if there is anything I can do for any of you! I am so grateful for a loving and supportive family! thank you thank you thank you!
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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