The Sisters

The Sisters

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Libbi is FINALLY at the MTC!

Despite more than five months of waiting, praying and hoping, Libbi's visa to Brazil did not arrive before her departure date...So, off she went to Provo, UT to the Missionary Training Center.  Her postcard, with her address contained this note:
I love you!  I'm alive and well.  I love it here!  I'm safe and happy and excited for what lies ahead!  Hope all is well with you!
Sister Sorensen

 Traveling down to Provo together to drop off Sister Sorensen
 Unloading the luggage and letting her go...
 One last good ol Mom hug before we had to let her go.
 Attentive Elders were there to welcome the last arrival of the day  (oh yes...she did cut her hair)
 A last quick family snapshot - then off she goes...
Welcome to the Mission Field Sister Sorensen - May 11, 2011

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