The Sisters

The Sisters

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sarah Cate: Wow wow wow....what a week!

Wow wow wow....what a week!
The week started out with exchanges and I went to San Antonio! That was sooo awesome. I went with Sister Thomas and Sister Pratt came down to Del Rio. It was really fun to have something new. Sister Thomas is quite possibly the most opposite from Sister DeLeon. She is very tiny and soft spoken but talks a lot about her feelings and how the gospel  makes her think of Disney. It was a very funny contrast. I want you all to know how much i truly love Sister DeLeon but with everyone, there are the good and bad times. She is a very good missionary. She is very obedient. She is good for me. Anyways, enough of that: While I was on exchanges we knocked on a door of a Lebanese woman. I guess about a week previous these sister had knocked and asked her about God and things and she said she wants to be Christian but that was about it. Well she welcomed us in and told us she was cooking. She then went in to a back room and came out with a Book of Mormon in English and  in Arabic. She said, "I'm interested" I just about pooped my pants! I had never been received in such a welcoming manner. We talked about the restoration and about prophets and about her current situation and it was absolutely amazing. Her kids came home and they all spoke Arabic and it was absolutely beautiful. She invited us to eat with her and we accepted and then after we ate she said "in my country, when you eat with a person, it means there is much trust between you" and she said that it means a lot when you eat with someone. She says she has no friends here in America and all her family is still in Lebanon. It was sooo cool to meet someone with such an amazing culture and different view on life. Man I loved it.....and then i had to leave. When i left she said to me,"I'll probably never see you again but if you ever are here, my home and my door is always open to you." I just about cried. She was so beautiful. Man it was an awesome way to start out the week. 
When I went home, the reality of being in Del Rio came sooner rather than later. Our dearest Mike Hammer who is supposed to be baptized this Sunday did not show up to his appointment. Mike NEVER DOES THIS! He never ever misses or stops reading but Satan is working on him a lot. It breaks my heart because Mike is not strong enough to withstand his temptations. We are working really really hard though and I have faith that he will be ready and can do it! He is really funny. He is such a hick but he knows it and jokes about it all the time and it kills me. He told sister DeLeon and me (commenting on his brother's shirt that had some sort of color and a person on it) : " oh its one of them evil shirts" because he said it looked like the Obama shirts that came out when he was campaigning to be elected. -ya know what, English does not make sense. My spelling is horrible because English is horrible. It has so many funky rules that throw off a little Texican like myself. In Spanish, its all straight forward but what ev. I'm running out of time...
Well, Mike came to Church on Sunday. One of my favorite people the Elders are teaching (Jackie- she is the dog lady I told you about and she helped with Hurricane Katrina...oh yea and 911!!!) But she is getting baptized on the 29th. She is so so awesome and ready for it too. I love her.
A few quick questions before I'm off. We had the most amazing dinner with a Brazilian family on Thursday. They are from Sao Paulo--can't spell that either. It was seriously one of the best meals of my life. We had, of course, beans and rice and chicken in some sauce and a really yummy salad (like mom makes with the strawberries and pears) the  dressing was slightly different but we had cooked bananas and ice cream for dessert HOLY STINK IT WAS AMAZING. It made me love Brazil all over again and miss my sister who had just entered the MTC. HOWEVER!!! They are converts to the gospel and want to know Dad's Mission president's name and which mission you served in exactly at that time because they joined the church right around the same time you were down there dad! She is so amazing and I want to be just like Gigi (the mom) she is about my parent's age. They are beautiful and they spoil their cat like you would not believe. Its even bigger than jimmy's cat. It was very beautiful and I wanted my dad to show up and start speaking Portuguese with them because i knew they would love you. He is a teacher at the college here. You would love them Dad. Mom, you would love them too because she loves to cook and you both are very creative in the same ways. She is quite strict but i get the sense that is her culture. Very loving though. Libbi is going to have a killer time in Brazil.
How is Libbi? I miss her like crazy. I am happy she is happy though.
I love you all very much. I'm out of time. I am doing well. Thank you all for your love and support.
I pray for you always. Thank you for your e-mails and letters. You bless my life! I love you!
Hna. Sorensen

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