The Sisters

The Sisters

Monday, May 30, 2011

Libbi: 2 weeks sort of feels like an eternity

Oh Mommy! I loooooove you! I'm so glad that the end of stress for now is coming to a close. I'm so glad you made it through the yearbooks I know how much stress that puts on you and dad!
Well, 2 weeks sort of feels like an eternity not because I don't love it here but because I have learned so much and had so much forced upon minha cabasa. Eu ama o evangelho con todos corazioa ( sei) It is so wonderful. I love the people that surround me. I'm happy to here that you received my package hopefully there was more clarification about what I'm doing from day to day in that. Thank you thanks you Susu and Gus for you letter and I love you Kate and I will answer your questions as soon as I can. Thanks you Aunt Marilee for you cute not it really helped to boost me up at the end of the day. And of course thank you thank you mommy for my wonderful package letters and note. I love them and you much much more.
 This week was a week of times painful but for the most part necessary and needed. I am learning how to stay focalizar e I am trying to beef up meu vocabularo. I can now pray confidently in Portuguese and testificar en Portuguese tem bem. I can't write Portuguese or spell either Portuguese or English so decoupe.  I have the greatest people around me everyday. I have met so many great elders and especially the sisters in my district. This week we will get new sisters tomorrow so pray for me as I begin exercising my calling of coordinating sister. I will help to welcome them and show them around with my great expertise of 2 weeks!!! Yeah I know I've really been here forever. But I feel like after you overcome the first week here you feel like you can take everything and the shock of everything being new is gone and you settle nicely in the monotonous routine. Let see....I'm way behind on Birthday greetings...sorry Daniel, Carli, I don't actually have my list in front of me but if you have celebrated a birthday in the last month know that I wish you well.
 I honestly don't have very much to report that is new. I'm just trying my hardest to stay above water as it consistently rises. Like the wave pool at raging water you know the waves will come but you don't fully appreciate them till they are way lame example but I'm doing my best to stay strong and excited about the work. I am so excited to teach the people of Brazil this muito feliz messagm e I am so happy to know that everyone I love is safe. I'm sorry to hear of the hard things that are going on in our family but I know that everything will work out. It is easy for me to say where I am but I truly believe it. God loves his children and in the end these trials will seem like nothing. I am currently going through the trial of my ability and what the Lord expects of me but I know he will help me bridge the gap. I'm trying to be a good example and remember the spirit in which this work must be done. I still laugh a lot and know that humor keeps us all sane. I  have learned to laugh at the many awkward things that happen daily. If you thought life was awkward before...just go on a mission and everything that used to be normal is awkward and everything that is awkward is muito muito mas. I love laughing at it though and the people around me do too. I know that I'm being taught by inspired people that know what to say to help me better learn through the spirit. I know this gospel is true. It is happy and exciting and we are blessed to have the knowledge of it! Don't think for a second that I don't love any of you less because I'm not with you or writing you every spare second. I am on the Lord's errand. I'm bringing the happiness that we feel as members of his church to those who can't find it on their own. I'm so blessed to have this opportunity. I know I am! I'm striving to better deserve this blessing! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!  I know you wonder what could I possibly do here but I'm happy to pray and exert faith on anyone's behalf. The temple was an amazing experience today and after the session I met a woman from Sao Paulo and spoke to her in Portuguese. I'm so excited to know these people and to speak and teach. It will all come in time and I'm so happy for that! Life is good! God loves you! If you don't know that pray about it and he will help you to feel it more fully. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is an amazing gift that we can all partake of. I know these things to be true. I love you I love you I love you! I can't express in words how grateful I am for your support and love for me. Thanks you! Thank you! I am in continuous need of your prayers so please help me in that way! Thank you for the people you are!!!!
Sister Libbi Sorensen
PS Tell Sarah to stay strong and remember how wonderful she is. There is nothing that she can't do. Rely on the Lord it is his work and he will always help his children return to him. I love you and tell her I love her......xoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxooxoxoxox

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