The Sisters

The Sisters

Monday, May 9, 2011


Alright family this will not be as long because I got to talk to y'all....sort of yesterday. Hearing ya'lls voices was like coming home. I was there in the room with y'all and I could just imagine everything. I really didn't like it because it was so short. Its true. I was not able to say all the things I wanted to say. It was difficult because my companion put her phone calls on speaker phone and said I should do the same. I didn't know how to gracefully say, "actually I want to have some real talk with my family" but its all good. because the church is true and we all move on.
Alright: Libbi- my heart broke when i talked to you. You have been my best friend through out my whole life. Don't you dare ever forget me or try to replace me or put me away! I love you more than you can possibly imagine. You are going to be a killer missionary. I know you will change the world. The world needs your eloquence and your knowledge. You are about to start the greatest adventure of your life. Be kind to your companions. Companionships are..THE ADVENTURE OF THE MISSION. Be the companion you want to have but also understand that they are not you and don't understand all that you do. Be kind to ALL the Elders. They are VERY YOUNG AND THEY NEED kindness always. They will really look up to you without you even trying. Love the MTC. I did. IT was hard and was an adventure but enjoy being immersed in the spirit and having the support of everyone there. Enjoy the Elders. They are fun. some are quite immature and some are stupid. love them anyways. This is the first of many leaps of faith you are about to take. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. I sing that about every 3 seconds on the mission. I hope you love your clothes Libbi. You will be sick of them by the time you are in the mission field.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAR CAR THIS WEEK!!! AAAAHHH I LOVE BIRTHDAY MISSIONS. Well, in English = mission birthdays. Mom - I loved the things you sent me. Where did you get the hair clips and earrings? THEY ARE PERFECT FOR ME. THANK YOU MOM. Thanks mom for knowing me better than I know myself. That e-mail you sent was pretty spot on with EVERYTHING.
Thank you Peter. Last night during district calls the Elders said something and then they were like "oh just kidding. We know that you don't mess with Sister Sorensen" They are terrified of my older brother. :):):):) I love it. :)
Our mothers day meeting was like this: man spoke about how Mothers were like Christ, literally giving their bodies and blood and fluids so that man can have life. He then went into the story about how his second daughter was born. Yuck? a little...OK a lot. Yeah life is fun in Texas.
I love y'all so much and will write more later. Look for the package. I love you. Libbi: I love you. Don't forget me. I miss you so much.
love love love you!
Hna. Sorensen

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