The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sarah: I Have a New Companion!

Hey family!
I hope you are doing well. I"m sorry its short today. We are e-mailing from our President's house right now so I don't have much time. I will let you know a few things though. I got a new companion. I was so sad during transfers. It was really hard. I got a new companion. Her name is Sister Collins. She has brown hair and is my same height. She is from Washington....Seattle area. She is...........well lets say she became sick because she thought she broke a white handbook rule. This is going to be intense. That is how it is. Its like drinking from a fire hose. She came from Pleasanton which is in the middle of nowhere. Our spanish is both a struggle. She is a little better. She is probably going to end our mission here. She has two more transfers left. I hope I can stay here for three more transfers but I might get transferred out after this. I am growing......and growing and growing. I might drowned but what er. OH well. Its life. I am happy. I am working hard.....I am trying. Well i love you all. Thank you for your letters and support. I love you. Don't forget. I am trying.
Hna. Sorensen

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