The Sisters

The Sisters

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Well well well...another week and another round of adventures. I had no idea that the "titles" of e-mails were so important. it wasn't until i read both of my cousin's e-mails and heard about their stressing that i decided to investigate. It won't take much for me to title this e-mail. "kids say the darndest things"
Awwee Texico............where to begin. I think I'll start with the sexual harassment we received this week. Scenario (no se como escribirlo) : knocking on a door. "hey Hey you!" loook around, and see no one. " hey hey sexy lady" hhhmmmm that was a different voice and we still see no one. " Hey! Hey sexy ladies" Turn around and see a window open across the walk way revealing a gang of 3 boys all about the age of 6. " Hey sexy ladies wanna have my babies" SAY WHAAAAAAAAA?!!!  " hermana Deleon did you just hear what those boys said? " no." " i think they asked us to have their babies" " what?  No. I"m sure they didn't" --"Hey! Hey sexy ladies!! Wanna have my babies" "HOLY COW." --Yes. I said to them " hey hey you kids? Wanna have a childhood?" --not really but i thought it. We proceeded to get on our bikes and ride off.
Second child experience. Scenario: During a dinner apt. with a member and their family. Child says ' hey! Hey look over there! Its your dad!......(i look)......APRIL FOOLS". " HEY HEY LOOK OVER THERE! (says the child) - look over there, your dad's dead!...APRIL FOOLS!" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah I quote that joke frequently to my companion because it was the best/worst joke i have ever heard. 
Third. Same child as the previous story. Comes into conference in the chapel and we are watching music and the spoken word. --She is a chatter box and immediately starts talking and sister Deleon says " hey we are going to watch this right now" and she sits down and says " oh my favorite movie"  ---bbaaaaahhhahahahahaha ooohhh i love it. 
The children here are absolutely the joy of my life. A recently baptized family (just got baptized before i got here) has a small boy who was showing us an impression of guitar hero and he gave us a double birdy flip off. wow. it was a shock but i laughed pretty hard. He was properly reprimanded and all was well afterwards but yeah.
 Well lets see....This week was eventful because sister Deleon almost got her hand bitten off by a Rottweiler (sound it out, once again, i don't know how to spell). We were knocking out in a place we call " Mexico" because it is essentially Mexico in America. and i was leading the way up to this door and i heard a dog barking but could see no dog. I felt fine so i went forward and then all of a sudden i saw this GIANT dog manifest itself and it didn't have a chain. I froze. You could tell it was not one of those "gentle giants" This one was probably trained to kill babies. I turned my side to it and let it come up and smell me and eventually i put my hand out. Meanwhile (sister Deleon does not like dogs) was hanging back and when she saw me making friends with the dog and petting it, she started to walk up. Everything was fine until she came...too close? no se que paso pero and the dog went crazy!! And she bolted and the dog bolted too and then it stopped. That made me happy but i realized that the dog was between myself and my companion. I had about a series of 3 baby heart attacks and then the dog came back to me and licked my hand. Why was i spared? BECAUSE I AM A DOG WHISPERER THAT'S WHY!!! I have decided to test my luck on every stray out here. Whats the worse that can happen?--just kidding mom and dad. I am smart around dogs. 
Y'ALL ARE VISITING BEN AND RAE!!! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH THE BITTER HOT RAGE OF JEALOUSY!!!! Man how i wish i was with y'all. I've decided that i am just going to have to stay here in TExas because i am just so jealous. I seriously can not wait till i can know anything about that place. Como se dice ROAD TRIP despuace mi mision. Speaking of cool adventures. We met the most amazing investigator. her name is Jackie and she MY IDOL. She was the one who spear headed the Katrina efforts to round up the dogs and animals. She put them in the stadium....yeah that lady from ANIMAL PLANET! It is sooo cool. She trains rescue dogs. I am sooo impressed by her. I love her so much. She has only been to church once during our "Easter program" ooohh and our English branch is......colorful. Lets use that word. They don't like to do much but we are working with them. Our Easter program was more of a focus on the long hard road to Calvary and the dying and the blood on the cross and very to little emphasis on the RESURRECTION part of the Easter. oohhh well. Luckily Jackie is amazing and didn't mind it. (we are in the choir here and we only sang sad songs about death) hahaha it was sooo colorful to say the least. 
I am soo happy to hear about the Temple. Thank you for sharing those experiences with me. That is sooo cool. Don't do all the work before i get back. I want to make some memories with y'all too please. Oh and i love that Lauren and Laura still keep in touch. THEY ARE SOO DEAR TO ME. Thank you for being amazing. I wish i knew my sister Libbi a little better. Could you please request that she stop having a social life and write me all the time? tooo much? too soon? No i do want to know all the details about the prep and the parties and everything. Thanks for your amazingness. I will talk to you soon. I love you all soooo much. Don't forget me. I am writing letters to y'all today. Larry-happy birthday a week ago today! I hope it was amazing. I'm sorry i missed it. Don't forget how much i love y'all!! Talk to y'all soon. 
Hna. Sorensen  

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