The Sisters

The Sisters

Monday, April 4, 2011


Ok bangarang family. bangarang. HAS THIS DAY BEEN THE SNAZIEST BIRTHDAY EVER? jUST KIDDING! i can not even begin to tell you how fantastic this day has already been and its only 2 in the afternoon! First of all...Saturday: i got your letter ma. THANK YOU. As always, your attention to detail makes me feel like i am right there. Then we spent most of the day at church watching conference. This is all good right....till blue eyes white dragon walks in. This is the name we have termed for the ridiculously good looking pilot that is in training here. What was his first order of business? To  walk up to me and ask me when i was going to play my violin for him...ok what?! was...well anyways...i said something stupid like "oh sorry" and then felt awkward and walked away. While walking away, he said that the violin was his favorite instrument and that he wanted to hear me play again because i was "fantastically amazing at it"--his words, not mine-- Yeah......we all went out to lunch (the elders and my companion and i and dragon boy and a girl in the ward and her parents). We then ran into a 'less active" - meaning not active member of the church. Her name was Erin and you better believe she attached herself to blue eyes white dragon.  Erin ended up coming to ALL SESSIONS OF CONFERENCE!! Ok really?! Really? haha The lord works in mysterious ways my friends. I have also decided that we are just going to take blue eyes white dragon to all of our lessons and tocaring so that he can swoon all of Del Rio into either becoming active again or joining the church. I pray Erin is doing it for the right reasons. It will be interesting to see what happens when he goes away on Tuesday to training. Blue eyes is a convert of 8 months and truly has one of the most remarkable conversion stories. He is a really genuine guy and i can only hope and pray that he says with it. He has a lot of potential.   
WASN'T CONFERENCE AWESOME?!!...ok, ok ok,...i don't really know because on Sunday i magically received 4 new children of the ward. Where their parents were? i know not but it was ridiculous. NEVER WILL I EVER HAVE CHILDREN. No no no....i will. Just.........when i'm good and ready. I DID, however, feel a special connection when Elder Ballard talked about the "gold flecks" in our lives. I nearly stood up and shouted "THAT IS WHY I WEAR A VILE OF GOLD AROUND MY NECK WITH A MUSTARD SEED IN IT!!" My favorite part was when i looked at my companion and, having already explained that because of that story i wear gold flecks around my neck, she turned to me and said "your mom is thinking about you right now...your sister too probably". Oooohh did that make me happy. I love my necklace. Thanks Mom. I love you for being so thoughtful. 
So Lets see...i went to Austin for some training this last week....WOW! Austin is soooo cool. I really really really really really really want to serve there. There are seriously the craziest people there. Men with boots and hats and bums on the street and single women who wear no clothes and men who have short shorts! Ooohh it was a shmorgusborg (sound it out) of amazing people. I got to stay in a little place called San Marcos. It is right next to the Texas state campus. Sooo many cool people and houses. I just am excited for all the possibilities. Well like i said, i went to this training up there and right when we got there, we got a call from President asking us....TO TRAIN AT THIS MEETING. This meeting was the meeting of all the leadership in the mission and anyone who was all the top dogs in one room and WE ARE SUPPOSED TO TELL THEM HOW ITS DONE! heart attack. Well...we wanted to make it fun because a lot of these turn into the same old same old kind of stuff...sorry for putting it that way but...they can be repetitive. So i thought of some ideas of how to make it fun....long story short and a stinkin AWESOME training later, we had everyone suuuper pumped. Among some of the highlights: I tried to write "follow up"....don't worry....i wrote "fallow up". Yeah. I  also started everyone out doing some bautizmo jacks? Don't know what that is? well let me compartir: spell baptize while doing some jumping jacks and then yell baptize at the end. (it was a crowd favorite). The elders and sisters loved it. Our subject was on commitment. It was so cool and good for me to learn. I know i made quite the scene when afterward an elder told me " great job Sister Sorensen on your training. YOu are quite a captivating person".....ummmm ok. :) 
Well anyways,  today has been awesome. Jimmy john Jack sparrow: i love you. Now you know. I got your letter today and it was the best letter/dibujo. Gracias por todos. KEEP WRITING ME OK?! seND ME YOUR ADDRESS IN WASHINGTON. i WILL WRITE YOU I PROMISE.
LARRY- That was sooo nice of you. I did not deserve that. Thankn you soo much. Thanks for your support in everything. 
Susu and Gus: i love you. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and support as well. 
Thank you family for your letters and support! I love to hear from you and know that y'all are doing well. I love y'all so much. how is Kimberly? i miss her. David love. How are you?! I miss y'all so much. I love you. Thank you for making this the best birthday ever. I am so blessed to have y'all in my life. I love you!
Luuuhhh y'all
hna. Sorensen  

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