The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, April 1, 2011

I love y'all with all of my Texas heart!!

Ok so hard work does pay off in mi mission. I put my noes down and plugged away this week and......nothing major happened. Its all good though because i have been working on my faith and its getting better. Life works better cuando usamos fe. Es verdad. Lets see....lets start off with a story. 
This week we went to visit a couple who has some special needs betwixt the both of them. They are very kind people...just not all there right. Well We were invited inside. Little did i know (or see) Mr. anonymous decided to leave the door open while going to the bathroom. I did not see but mi cerido herman Deleon saw ALL! We had a nice meeting and they were both very kind. We ended and then i hugged Mrs. Anonymous and Mr. anonymous wanted one too...i'm not allowed to hug men so we had a charming/ terribly awkward arm grabby imaginative huggy thing. It was so bad i started to laugh. It wasn't until later that sister Deloen shared with me the other part....which I promptly sanitized both hands and arms multiple times. :) Este es la frontera.
My life has been good. Its bizarre being a missionary. Already almost a month here and i feel like I've done this for years. I love it but it is VERY different than anything I've ever done. I would like to share with ya'll a bit about Del Rio. It is a boarder city as you all know already. It is very flat and contains muchas cacti--no se como escribirlo. My companion and i work the west side of Del Rio--sounds rough right? NOOOOOTT!! We have the safe and rich area of Del Rio. We have the mostly white people area. The white people come from the Air base. Yes, Del Rio is known for his Air force Airbase. In fact, our branch has a famous pilot - Danny Williams. He literally has adopted about 15 children with his wife. Its a very unique so many on the mission. It is very common here to have babies out of wedlock and to speak both Spanish and English in the same sentence. (oh tell Little May that in McCallen Texas, he is going to be speaking this " porcho" -speaking both English and Spanish in the same sentence) In Del Rio, we also cover some poorer areas and then an area right by the boarder called Cienigus. (see-en-i-gus) --pronunciation-- it is Mexico. It has dirt streets and dogs running everywhere. EVERYONE HAS A DOG HERE AND 7 TIMES OUT OF 10 ITS A CHUwawa. Its ridiculous the amount of dogs here and they ALL bark and want to attack you. The trick is when they are running at you to bend down and act like you are picking up a rock and they immediately stop charging. -kid you not, works every time. I guess from the beginning of time, Missionaries have come to Del Rio so everyone knows who we are and a lot of times people don't like us. I am still very hopeful because people are always moving in and out. We come into contact with some Jehovah's witnesses and people confuse us a lot for one another. The JW are really really really mean here i guess. I've never met one but everyone else has. Oh and racism is common here too. Its really awkward going to the English branch on Sunday which contains A TON of boarder patrol and then go to the Spanish branch where we .......may or may not have some people who may or may not be here legally or illegally. Wow that was spelled wrong but I've given up on spelling. There are far greater things to worry about. 
GUESS WHAT MOM, DAD, LIBBI---Issac plagues my life. Remember Issac? Yeah, he has a twin here in Del Rio and he is the brother in law of one of our cute couple investigators and guess what....HIS WIFE IS 14 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HIM!! He speaks Spanish here and every time i see him, i have a baby heart attack because its sooo weird. Entoneses, I'll just baptize him and hopefully i will have some better feelings towards him. 
Well i know i told y'all about if i were to receive a birthday package....yeah PLEASE just send those few items i requested.  Also, if I could get some normal short sleeve maybe a soccer one or something like that. And if I have some nice short sleeve shirts...all my clothes are turtle necks and its been on average 85-91 degrees here. Needless to say...i don't need them now. We got to do some service the other day and I burned my arms. I think there is hole in the ozone here. Wow, I truly don't know how to spell anymore. 
Mom- i just got your letter today. Thank you. I really appreciate the detail you send in every letter. Yo are the best. I am glad you got your letter. It was supposed to be sent for your birthday but like so many things in my life, i failed. I am working hard on being better. I love you so much. You are truly the best mom.  A lot of my companions have complained about their moms but i can not. Why? Because my mom is perfect and i tell them that. They see that for themselves. I rock because i was blessed enough to have the best family and mom and dad and everything. Thanks for being the best mom. I love you! 
Libbi- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDAY OF YOUR LIFE. I am so devastated that i am not going to be there for your big 21st birthday. Don't worry, everyone here knows its your birthday and that you are going to Brazil on your mission. You should hear all the Spanish branch when i tell them...."OOOO Brazil. Ella es muy suerte"  its really funny. They love it. Libbi, the mission is hard. Its hard to talk to  people when you don't want to. Its hard to make yourself do awkward things but truly, you will be the best missionary because you work hard and that is truly all a mission is. Hard work. You  get to laugh and smile. Please don't forget to laugh every day. If i had some pennies i would give them to you with a note that says "don't ever change" --get it? HAHAHAHa ooohh i love you so much. When i dream, you are always there, my companion. My heart is full even writing this. I am sooo cheesy now. gross. OK I love you. you know that. never forget it. mom please give her a hug from me. 
Yikes meg i am sorry about how sick you've been. Please have mom give you another one of her awesome hugs with a kiss on the forehead from me. I miss you always. I love to hear how successful you are. YOu are amazing. Keep being amazing and choosing the right and helping mom and dad.
Dad- i love you. Truly, you are so awesome. I miss you a ton. Thanks for your encouraging words. I love telling everyone about my dad because here, no one really has or wants to be good dads and i LOVE telling them how awesome i have had it with the most amazing example of a dad i could ever want. I am so blessed to be in your family daddy. i love you!
I am so glad to hear about Lauren and all her success. Good for her. Dayna rocks. Please, if you ever get a chance to tell her that, do. Tell her that i love her guts so much and i can't wait to hear her sing songy Spanish. Man i love Lauren too. I miss her a lot. I miss a lot of things all the time but at the same time, its weird. Its like another life. Its like i didn't even have a life before the mission. My life is the mission and i am loving it. I have to love the hard things. I have to love the good things and its soo easy to do when i live with faith. FAith is not something that has ever been easy for me. When i choose to have it and live it, my life goes leaps and bounds ahead of anywhere i thought it could be. I have a great President who trusts me. He is truly inspired and loves his missionaries.
This week is pretty exciting. I am  going to Austen for a training. I can't wait!!! I get to see more of TExas. YOU BETTER BELIEVE I AM COMING BACK A TEXAN. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THE CRAZY PEOPLE AND THE CRAZINESS OF THE BIGGER AND BETTER TEXAS. Wow i have so much to tell you and no time. Some missionaries are singing for a Spurs game but i won't get to be apart for that because i am on the boarder and its too far away. cool though. Sorry to hear about Japan and all the craziness there. Its done wonders for missionary service here though. People are really starting to freak out about the end of the world and because of that, they are willing to talk about God. Very bizarre way have receiving blessing but there ya have it. Lord's ways are not our ways.
I am growing up. Not quite though. NEXT WEEK IS MY BIRTHDAY!! YAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Best birthday ever! That, and the next one. Libbi- have an amazing birthday. I love you.
i heard "fixin" quite a few times this week. I also say y'all all the time. i don't know if y'all got that or not.
te amo siempre. I love y'all with all of my Texas heart.
Hna. Sorensen

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