The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Honestly, I just looked down for a second..."

Well Anyways,
 Not a whole lot to report this week but that I GAVE AWAY MY FIRST BOOK OF MORMON ALL ON MY LONESOME! I also INVITED SOMEONE TO BE BAPTIZED AND SHE SAID YES!!!..........if she knew it was true. haha yeah President wants us to be bold and invite in the first lesson. So i did. And i hope it will all turn out. Her name is Maria Hernandez #1 (because we are currently teaching 3 of the same name). Her husband is a member but hasn't gone to church for about......thirty years. Yeah but he has been really awesome in helping us testify to Maria during lessons. None of the people we wanted to come to church (including Maria) came this week. In Texas, it can be particularly difficult to encourage someone to make and keep promises. I am working hard though. ya'll would be proud. 
I find many people here want to just chat about everything...not necessarily join the church or hear about the gospel. Oooohhh i forgot to tell you last week: i ran into my trainer while we were riding bikes. Yeeaaahh good moment for me. Hahaha. We were riding and she stopped and i literally looked down for maybe two seconds to make sure my skirt wasn't blowing up into the air to reveal some of my covenants when...i look up just in time to slam right into her. Yeah it was quite humiliating but i am better for it. I think it brought us closer together as a companionship...knowing she can not trust me to ride a bike without hitting her. This week went without incident so I'm crossing my fingers to keep up the trend. 
Thank you so much Susu and Gus for your letters. MEG! I GOT YOUR LETTER! thank YOU- I WILL BE WRITING YOU BACK TODAY. mOM- did you by any chance talk to the Whipples? I just got the nicest letter and large group of quotes from them. If you see them again, please let them know how awesome they are and how kind that was of them. I have received a lot of comments on my blog though so bangarang mom and dad and Libbi and who else contributes to it. Thank you. Ya'll are so awesome.
So this last week we had Zone conference. It was pretty awesome. It was just a large pump up meeting and training to help us to be more bold when sharing the gospel. Was that timely or what for me?! Well it worked because, like i said, i was able to give away a book of Mormon and invite someone to be baptized. I'm sorry, today i am tired and so i am not as animated as i usually am but this whole mission thing, is hard. Hard adjustment in so many ways. I am really fighting some demons within myself right now but i will keep going. 
We met the nicest older couple in one of our poorer areas near the border that we hope will possibly be some new investigators. We're going to visit them tonight so all is well. We have to bike a ton because our miles were all used up when our trainers had to pick us up from San Antonio. I guess the border is pretty unique because we spend a lot of time with the elders. We eat dinner with the elders and we have a car-share with them. We also spend p-day together. I don't know what its like elsewhere but that's what its like here. i really enjoy it though. It keeps things fresh. 
I am working hard and am so blessed to have such love and support from home. Thank you for being an awesome family and helping me be the best i can be. Thank you for loving me and sending me love through the mail and through thoughts. I can not express how much i appreciate it. Laura- i got your letters!!! Thank you sooo much and you better believe you have a letter coming your way. Thanks for being such an awesome friend to Libbi. I miss her tons. Larry- WOW! I DO NOT DESERVE THAT! Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness when writing me. I am truly blessed. I pray for ya'll siempre. Please don't ever forget how much i love ya'll.
How is Daphne? How is Dan Vera? How is Greg Mudrow? How is Chicka? Mom you write the best letters. i love you. Thank you family. Thank you friends. Thanks for making my life a blessing! Hope ya'll are doing well and are happy. I hope you feel the love God has for every one of us always. He truly knows us individually and though it may be hard, he has a plan for us. He wants us to be happy. Its our choice to see and experience the happiness he has laid out for us. Read your scriptures and pray always. Go to church because you never know who needs you there or what you need to learn that day. Be the best you can be! Con la fuerza de un campion. Les amo mucho! 
Hna. Sorensen 

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  1. This is such an amazing blog. Congrats to whomever is keeping it up.. Mom, right? Your family is the best...