The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, October 5, 2012

Libbi: and so it goes and so it goes...and your the only one who knows...

Family, Friends, Random people that came across this blog on the Internet...

I love you all! I feel you prayers and I don´t thank you enough for how much they help me and strengthen me! Thanks! You fortify my spirit and body to continue this fight against Satan. Wow...was it just a week that passed? This week was a week we like to call ´of opposition´ haha yeah it was tough. I don´t think I have ever taken such a emotional rollercoaster in my life....yeah I know I´m a girl. Ok, Sister Aires (my roommate and use to be companion) lost her Grandma to a stroke. This is now the 3rd member of her close family to pass away in the last 3 months. She found out Tuesday morning that she had suffered the stroke and was in a coma and Tuesday night she was told of her death. Her Grandpa died just 3 weeks ago and I think he couldn´t stand being alone so...she is with him now. I admire Sister Aires and her strength. I have opened another chamber of my heart to try and be an instrument in the hands of the Lord, and I feel as a result a greater capacity to Love and feel the sorrow of others. We mourned and weeped together and then got back up and kept going. I love Sister Aires. She is strong but pray for her as she passes through these difficulties long away from home.
 I am learning patience in all things. This is a good life lesson. I am now teaching Sister Souza and we are practicing the lesson in Preach My Gospel everyday. She is a quick learner and I know that we are going to have a lot of success in the next 3 weeks of this transfer. We taught Carmen this week who is a single-mom of 4 children. She already knew a little bit about the Church because of her siblings that are inactive members but we met her by chance searching for another person´s house. We taught about families and the plan of Salvation and she was way excited to come to church. However, we arranged a ride for her and everything but the cell number she gave us was wrong or something and the member that went to pick her up said that they called for her but she never came out of the house....that was a sad part of the week. But we will pass by this week to find out what happened. Alex got a job which is a good thing but he now works on Sunday, that´s that bad part and he didn´t come to church this week because of it. I hope that we can still keep him animated to continue to study and pray about the church. We will be teaching him tonight. We found a few new possibilities this week and we are going to do a whole ton of contacts also to keep finding new people. The work continues... Ailson also did now come to church this week.
 We push on trusting that the miracle is about to happen. I continue to learn a lot from the many situations we encounter everyday here on the mission. I am sending this later that usual because yesterday we participated in a health-awareness project for Dengue Fever. We are about to enter into spring which is the season of mosquito's and more cases of Dengue. All the missionaries of Campo Grande participated and it was fun to give out flyers and hear funny music that they changed the words to to teach about Dengue using popular music. We were also able to do contacts and pass out pamphlet and Livro de Mómons. It was fun. 
 The work continues to go forth among the children of men. I am blessed to be apart of it. I take comfort in 2 Nephi 2:11... and I know that through the trials we count our blessings. That in the dark we recognize the need for light. That when we are weighed down we praise and remember God when we are relieved of it. I feel the joy because I know the sorrow and I thank the Lord because I am so very blessed.
 be good. ctr and all that jazz.
 com amor,
Sister L. Sorensen

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