The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, October 5, 2012

Libbi: Happy Birthday to our Prophet!!!!!

I love you all a ton....I don´t tell you enough...but I really really do....don´t ever think otherwise. Don´t ever think that I don´t pray specifically for each and every one of you each day and don´t you dare think that I have forgotten about you. At this point, prayer is pretty much all I can do...and so I find joy in doing it. With this week comes a whole bunch of highs, lows, and in betweens. I love my mission because it is really get to have a taste of everything in life. that´s why we have this funny slang as missionaries about being born (when you arrive) dying (when you go home) who is your mom or dad (trainers) because a mission is a life....that´s why its hard to give it up. But, I trust that life continues after death, I just know that it will be different and that every moment is unique so, I´m taking advantage of these next 3 months...I´m soaking up and reflecting a lot on what my mission has made me and is giving me.  
 This week, as every week, we had miracles. We finally were able to meet up with this reference from a member of our ward. His name is Dionathan. He is 22 and has been studying the church on the Internet for the last month or so (I know what your thinking...oh minha nossa not the Internet) but he also is extremely spiritually based and has a friend (William) that just got back from a mission and gave him answers for all the lies that he found mixed in with the truth. He is really progressing and has a date for baptism this Sunday. I hope that all will go well this week and will work out for us to end this transfer with a baptism....the best way to end or start or continue anything...with baptism or people becoming closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. Pray for Dionathan that he will feel ready and be supported because his family is way against it and he is scared about that. I was also able to participate in a huge service project for ´mãoes que ajudam´ (Helping Hands) - the church humanitarian program here. They gave out more than 250 wheelchairs to people that really needed it. It was wonderful to help. I love the spirit of service in action. I want to always be a person that serves. The need was so great that many just left there old used wheelchairs at the church and left happy and excited with a new mobility and joy.
 We continue, I continue here and you continue there. Change is Progression and is part of His wonderful plan for us. I am learning how to constantly embrace change....mostly good change and love love love until you can´t love and the Savior makes up the rest. Sister Aires´ birthday is today. We had a fun little party for her this morning and will continue all day today because it is p-day. I had a wonderful experience at church this week. I was feeling stressed and down but when I entered the church...all my problems went away. I felt the spirit of comfort and joy and despite the drama of our ward and the difficulties of being a missionary the Savior loves me and allows me to renew my covenants with him every week. It is a weight off my shoulders. I love church.
 Be good this week. share you testimony with someone...think more about what you believe and how you are changing for the better. I love you all a lot. ctr

com amor,
Sister Sorensen (blond in Brasil)

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