The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Libbi: one of the last of the last of the last lasts...haha lame

Wow....well WASN´T CONFERENCE AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVED IT! EVERYONE CAN GO ON A MISSION NOW! YEAH GIRL POWER!!! ATTENTION ALL 19 YEAR OLD WOMEN: HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT A FULL-TIME MISSION?! BETTER GET ON THAT AND START PRAYING!!!! YEAH!!!!! JUST GO!!!!  I can´t deny that the first thing I said was ´not fair` but I know that it is perfectly timed and I came on my mission at the right moment in my life. I really believe that. The plan of God is perfect and that includes his timing. I´m so grateful for inspired leaders that lead and guide us! This announcement was especially perfect because my comp that has been with me for the last 10 weeks is 19 and just to give a little background...she never really thought about a mission until she served with me and started getting more involved in the work...but then she just became more stressed because her boyfriend who is serving in Ogden, Utah mission will come back right when she turns 21 and can go. She was trying to work it out for him to wait for her (they have been dating for 3 year....yeah way grown up) and said that she still had a ton of desire to serve but wanted to do according to the will of the Lord and said, `if I could go now I would go in a heart beat` (more or less what she said translated) and now...... SHE CAN! She is already going to start getting ready and she will just be a few months behind her boyfriend in coming home. Wow, the plan of the Lord is PERFECT! He hears the cries of everyone of his children and knows the righteous desires of our hearts!!! Cool right?!
 OK so forgive me for my many many faults these past few weeks... or even my whole mission. I am horrible with birthday...i remember the day of and then when I sit down in the computer chair my memory is lost and I just start ranting. Papa HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LISA ALSO! All the rest of the people that have or will have a birthday this year happy birthday! know that I love you and pray for you daily!
 I don´t know.. I have felt a little emotionally dead...lots happened.. I had many good friends that finished up there missions this last week (you can never really fully anticipate change), the work continues but we are working a lot in a part of our area that is really far away from our house and the Church...we walk 2 hours both ways and arrive at home tired and extremely burned by the sun.... and sometimes with little results. I´m not trying to justify myself but just to explain a little bit about what is going on with the details everyone wants! We have been searching for more people to teach that really want to make commitments with God. It is hard. As Elder Cook said less and less people what to make commitments and that even as members of the Church we have to work hard to continue to diligently fulfill our callings. Tais is a really special young lady and she has now been coming to church for almost 2 months. She wants to do what is right and has a desire to be baptized...but struggles with problems with her family and stress of being a teenager in a world that doesn´t have standards. I think she will be baptized this week or the next...but pray for her! She is really cool! For now she is the only real possibility we have. But as it all starts again with another transfer we will work hard (me and my new comp. Sister de Oliveira) to really get some good work in here at the finish.
 I love you all. I live for news from you all. I love my mission. I love what it has made me and how it has changed me. I am different. I hope that´s OK? I am excited for the happy reunion of one life with another but nervous about the possibility of something lost. For anyone that has ever wanted or thought about serving a mission or has a chance to do so, if you are preparing, waiting, praying, fasting or dreaming.....GO! serve the Lord! YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT! for those of you who have served....NEVER FORGET IT! Let it change your life...let influence your choices and let yourself embrace the change of progress. This is GOD´s WORK! He his here! He know and watches every detail! He lives for our success!  HE LOVES US! That is why we have this plan, this life, these people around us, and everything we are going through. Now comes the part where we act and change according to what we have been taught. Go and Do what the Lord has commanded for he giveth no commandment unto the children of men, save ye shall prepare a way that they shall accomplish the thing which he hath commanded!  (nephi 3:7)
 Work to share your testimony with to gain a stronger Elder Bednar said we need more than a testimony...we need to be converted to fight the fiery darts of the anniversary. We have to be strong in this day and age. We have to be examples. We are the Light of the Word (mat. 5) let your light so shine before men, that they might see your good works and glorify your God which is in Heaven. Glorify your God through good works and shining light in this very dark world! I know you can do that! I love you and pray for you! CTR!!!!

com amor,
Sister Sorensen

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