The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, October 5, 2012

Libbi: one way...or another...I´m gonna find them I´m gonna baptize baptize baptize...

How´s everyone doing this week?! I hope you are all doing well...

This week was a good week in many ways. Thanks for your prayers to help me find people to teach because this week we had the wonderful idea to have an open house in our ward house and we invited everyone passing by on the street to enter and see how it all works inside. Through this zone activity we were able to find a bunch of new people to teach. Unfortunately, we are still weeding through the people that want to make commitments and who doesn´t. I am learning through the relationships in my life that I can´t be everything for I would like to be. But, I continue to try to do my best and I know the Lord will continue to qualify me for this work.
We were extremely excited about a couple that we found Tuesday night. Igrid and Wallece. The spirit was very strong during the lesson and we planned to meet with them the next day. The next morning Igrid called and said not to pass by and that she didn´t want us to visit them anymore. One of many experiences that breaks the heart of a missionary. But, I know that the Lord´s plan is perfect and he will help us to continue on to the people prepared to hear this wonderful message.
I was able to speak in Church this week. I spoke about the joy of service and the best service there is MISSIONARY SERVICE! I love this work. I love my purpose here. I can´t be lost because my purpose is so clear. I return to it when I feel I doubt. We push on with the possibilities that we have this upcoming week. I´m excited about a reference from a member. His name is Dionoton and we will be teaching him tomorrow. Pray for me that it will all go well.
Thanks for all you do and for who you are. be good this week and share your testimony with not only helps the Lord´s work here on the earth but strengthens you and fortifies your faith. I love you all very much....I celebrated 15 months on mission this week. the time flies by so fast.  CTR and follow the Spirit.
com amor,
Sister Sorensen

this photo was at the activity we threw for the ym and yw in our ward...

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