The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, October 5, 2012

Libbi: Firme forte :) with a little headache

Hey there family... yeah this week had its ups and downs like always....not too many downs because Luiz was baptized and confirmed a member of the church after he has already been coming to church for 4-5 months! We are excited and extremely blessed to see this baptism..he also received the Priesthood which will only help to fortify this ward and bless this wonderful people!
The downer was my head...I had a problem for the first time with migraines on the mission this week. I have had a constant headache for almost a week now....sometimes it is worse and better and I´m not really sure why. I know that the weather this week was weird....we had a HUGE thunder storm and maybe the change in air pressure messed with my head but I am feeling a little bit better...and today will be extremely low key so I´m think that this week we will work a little better to find new people to teach.
We need more people to teach but this is the constant battle. It is actually the focus of our whole mission this month because our mission has a very high percentage of baptism but a very low percentage of new people to teach and so the few people we teach normally get baptized but if we have more people to teach we will baptize more also! I know that is a huge part of our purpose here is to help people make covenants with Heavenly Father. It is REALLY that I´ve gotten your attention I will let you know how much I love you all. I feel your prayer and their carry the burden when its heavy. I am feel more and more everyday my time is scares me but I trust in the Lord and the next phase of my life. I love this work. I love my mission. Prayer is important and reading the scriptures makes the difference. Be good be true be you and share the joy of this life-changing message. We can´t be selfish about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his restored Gospel. It is too important. Share it with someone! Today! This week! Search for people to invite!
I love you all very much and know you are up for this challenge!
com amor,
Sister Sorensen

I forgot to add that this week 2 of the cousins of Diane were baptized and the Elders continue to teach various members of her family. Through DiƓnatam already 4 people have been baptized. We are blessed to watch such wonderful growth and the union of a family in the Gospel. I LOVE THIS WORK!
Conferences are always Fantastic!!

Doin a little shoppin....

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