The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Libbi: There CAN be miracles when you Believe!!!!

Wow, this week flew by with all that we were doing but at the same time seems like a lifetime of stories and things to share. A mission is perfect because of is productive and the experiences change eternity for the children of our Father in Heaven. I LOVE THIS WORK! I feel an overwhelming sadness when I think that I have just 5 more weeks but then I thank my Heavenly Father because he gave me everything when he called me to serve. Life changer for sure.
This week Thais was baptized!!!!!!! Wow, it all started last Sunday when I saw her crying uncontrollably after conference. Background: she is Lucas´ friend who is the bishop´s son and she has been coming to church faithfully for almost 2 months but she was very difficult to find during the week and didn´t seem very interested in hearing and learning with the missionaries...Anyway, this was this situation and returning to her crying in the church. I thought it was because she was feeling the spirit and loved conference but it didn´t seem like a normal reaction. I went and sat by her....she explained the difficulties in her life and how it just seems like ´so many things are going wrong, I feel really alone´ she said....I told her of her great worth to God and everyone around her and how in these moments she needs to trust and talk with him through prayer. I said that he will help us when no one else can and will send comfort during our greatest trials. She felt better and thanked the same time she told me that she really wants to be baptized but she is worried about what her grandparents will think (she was raised by them and lives with them)...this was how the week started. So, then we had transfers and Sister de Oliveira came (who I love by the way, I already knew her because we lived in the same house in Cuiabá a few months ago she is way funny and loves to chat) and I was showing her the area and we were seeing the true possibilities of the people we had been teaching. Thias didn´t have time to meet with us until Thurs. but after we were able to teach her in her home with her grandma everything happened really fast. We taught the first lesson and responded some questions she had and lies she had heard about the Church. Then we invited her to pray and felt prompted to invite her to be baptize on Saturday. She was hesitant but said yes...we marked to meet her on Friday. Friday came with a surprise...the other elders moved the date and time of their baptism because the girl who was baptized would have to work on Saturday and so they moved it to Friday afternoon so she could still be confirmed on Sunday the exact same time that we marked to meet what did we do. We invited her to watch the baptism which she never had seem before. She loved it, we talk to her after and had a wonderful talk about baptism there int he baptismal room and she explained that she had asked God for a sign and us inviting her to come to the baptism was her response. We were thrilled but the only problem was her grandma that we weren´t sure would sign her baptismal slip. (she is only 17) We knelt and prayed for help from God and then went back to her house to talk to her Grandparents. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then importance of baptism...we then turned it over to Thais who bore her testimony and expressed her desire to be baptized. We then invited them to come and they said they would!!!! Wow! It seemed almost easy because of the Spirit. Isn´t it amazing how the Spirit supports us and blesses us with the right words and touches the hearts of all! WAY COOL! They signed without a problem, actually they (her grandparents) were way interested and the next day of her baptism and yesterday after her confirmation we have been teaching them all together. Way cool!
Anyway, for sure highlight and miracle of the week. But on top of it all! I know is it possible that we were blessed anymore! Aline who is a cute little 12 year old of a less active member Carol also accepted to be baptized this next Saturday. Carol came to Church with natalha (aline´s little sister) and Aline spent the weekend with her dad or she also would have come. But they are really special and we are super excited for yet another baptism this Saturday. WE ARE BLESSED!!!!! Thank you for your prayers! They lead and bless this work! We also had a very special man named Leonardo come to church this Sunday. He is in the army and travels alot but he had been church in almost all of Brasil. He knows everything, reads the Liahona, and has a really strong testimony...he actually bore his testimony yesterday....whoa...but his wife is Buddhist and doesn´t agree with anything about the church..and for this he pacienciamente waits for her to join him in the Church. AHHHHHH! broke my heart...we challenged him to pray and fast and then bear his testimony to her. I believe in miracles and know anything is possible. His testimony and strength in this Gospel would really bless our ward and Campo Grande. We pray for him this week.
Well, I think I´ve said enough....I am ranting quite a bit...haha I hope you like the details. I LOVE this work! I love the Lord.
I know he blesses and watches over this work and he has really blessed me this week. I feel his love and praise his perfect plan. I am so grateful for everything I have, especially all of your and your wonderful examples of happiness on the true path to eternal life. I miss you but I know my time is short here. I will push to the end and know already that I will never forget this transfer with all that has already happened. I love you all. Be good this week. an example. I loved what you said mom about salt...its true...and we need to be the salt of the others to have more flavor, be strong, even if we feel weak and small. I love what Alma says about how it is through small and simple things that the Great work and miracles of God are executed. Let God use you as an instrument of righteousness this week! love you tons!!
com amor,
Sistinha Sorensen
Zone Conference, Campo Grande with Elder Claudio Costa

The Best of Times

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