The Sisters

The Sisters

Monday, August 6, 2012

Libbi: Sister Cesenã..then Sister Morais and Sister Aires...and now Carini (Sister Souza)

Wow...this week I lost a 2 more, then another. Now I am with Sister Souza who is a member here that has offered to work and live with us as missionaries as a temporary sister for a month! I spent however majority of this week in trio with my two used-to-be comps. Sister Morais and Sister Aires. Now, as of yesterday we will be going back to the routine of it all. I will be more or less training her during this month because she has only helped the Elders a few times and has never taught as a missionary. It should be an adventure as is all things here on the mission.
This week we continued to work with Alex who came to church with his girlfriend Graciele. We are going to try to set his baptismal date for this Saturday but I feel really good about him. He is a great person and because his sister is already a member that only helps. Pray that he receives an answer this week for us! I am also going to try to hurry and teach Sister Souza how to teach the lessons so we can have a more balanced team. We also had another young man come to church this week his name is Ailson. I´m hopeful that he will also accept to be baptized this Sunday. The work continues...hahaha funny experience: we were teaching another man this week (brother of a member) and he accepted a date for baptism, at the same time we found out he smokes and drinks so we told him to stop and prepare to be baptized Saturday...we called him the next day and he was too drunk to speak with us on the phone...that just shows how the enemy works. He didn´t come to church but I know that true change is possible so I still have hope for him.
Yeah....that was the week of craziness. I am learning and growing and becoming. I had a lot of time this week to reflect on just how much I have learned and changed here. It is crazy. and what I am still discovering still also. I love the spirit of missionary work and the power it has to change people and help them turn their back on sin...the enemy of all. I am happy and excited to work with Sister Souza for this month. The work continues and I continue also. I love you all. be good. take care of yourselves and know that I pray for you daily. a good example.
com amor,
Sister Sorensen (libbi)

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