The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Libbi: Was it really just one week....

And so begins the first epistle of Sister Sorensen now the only Sister Sorensen (that is in my family)....

Wow...Sarah you are home? yeah weird. Sounds like a party everyday at home these days. I´m glad everyone's doing well. Wow, OK this week was quite a week transfers, new comp, comp arrived, comp struggled, comp went home, I´m in trio now, Sister Aires heard about the death of yet another member of her family. Her grandpa passed away from cancer that they found out about last month. She has really been put through the ringer with her bother´s deaths just 2 months ago. She amazes me with her resilience.
 And now I will explain,
 Sister CeseƱa (my comp that went home today) had already been having struggles since she arrived on her mission. So, she had already decided to head home before she became my companion...a mission is a stressful thing. But, I was happy to work with her this week and get to know her for the awesome person that she is. I hope I was able to show her that a mission is wonderful and hopefully at least show how my mission has made me into what I am today....I love my mission...this week only fortified my love. I feel like I had a chance to really sell missionary service to a buyer....missions are REALLY AWESOME! If you're thinking about need to talk to your Heavenly Father...but just come. It will make you stronger, happier, deeper, everything, because a mission really is everything.  A mini-life all wrapped up into one huge concentrated spiritual experience. EVERYONE THAT CAN SHOULD! - doctrine of Sister Libbi Sorensen
 OK, we push on in our area. It will be a bit different because now we are working in 2 huge areas and teaching in 3 which makes it all a little different. I will adjust. Nothing that I can´t handle. But I am blessed. I feel your prayers..they help me not only physically but spiritually...with endurance.
 I love this work. I know it's worth it and changes people....while changing me too. The power of the spirit is amazing. I don´t have much more to say. Be good. Say your prayers, read your scriptures, do what you know is right and TRUST IN THE LORD! (with all your heart might mind and strength). He is the one that know! I trust Him. He is perfect and I´m not....I am so glad He is patient with me.
 I love you all, be good, ctr
 com, amor,
Sister Sorensen (the only) 

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