The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Libbi: Creepers everywhere...

haha we go. (liked the title today? too.)
I decided that I´m tired of men staring at me on the street..this week I was getting on the bus and a man on the other side of the bus station was getting on another bus...sat by the window and then began to frantically wave at me until I saw him and he just smiled creepily right? NOT... OK this week...
 This week was tough as it always is at the end of the transfer...everyone was nervous about what would happen and where we would all end up....with more nerves the work becomes difficult and the focus is hard to maintain. I hear there are problems with literal nerves in my house and that also didn´t help my focus this week. I found myself reflecting a lot on my sister and what she is feeling. wow...I can´t even imagine but I know that a part of my heart leaves the mission this week also...just like when she left on her mission...weird that we are always doing the same thing at the same time and when we aren´t, I feel more alone than usual ahah but as you know I´m never really alone and I´m so very lucky for the time that I have.
 This week I celebrated 14 months on my mission. Wow...the time really does fly by...I´m blessed with 4 more months of life. The life that I love. I get a nervous ball in my stomach when I think of real life...but whatever. I trust the Lord.
 We were running behind all of our options and they all seem to be falling through. But with the transfer comes a new start. I will be companion to Sister Seseno (she is first American comp.) I will be helping to finish up her training because she just finished her first transfer on the mission. I will stay here in Jardim Imá. I  am living with Sister Morais and Sister Aires who are now companions and I´m really stoked for this transfer.
 This week we also had the best, most successful activity that I have every planned on my mission. Sad to say but it's true. It was an activity for the youth and we had a luau (is that how you spell it) that Hawaiian party thing. We played music after the spiritual thought and ate fruit outside.  It was cool....lots of the youth ACTUALLY CAME! YEAH! We are feeling more united with the ward and excited to keep working here.
 Yeah for now that´s all I have to report. I´m sure I will have a lot more next week. I will meet my companion tomorrow after her lovely 12 hour bus ride and then the routine begins again.
 I´m learning how to follow the spirit with more diligence. I am still learning is a process. But I reflected this week on the words of Elder Bednar when he came to our mission he said something like..if you have the desire to do something good...don´t stop to think if it is the spirit or yourself just do it and you will know after. We need to constantly do good things and we will receive the confirmation from the spirit that it is the will of the Lord.
 Be good...I pray for you. Know that I love you always for eternity. thanks for being part of my life.
 Com amor,
Sister Sorensen (not the one coming home this week.)

ps I read the book missionary it this week and loved it...I have had many similar experiences on the that the work is the same wherever you go and refines us in the way that we need. The Lord knows everything! Isn´t it great! 

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