The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Libbi: I like thinking that I´m in the middle...

Hi everyone... are an inspired woman and mother. I love you. What you wrote this week made me cry good tears...thanks for that. It was what I needed to hear.  I push on....
 This a lot happened this week. It seems like a tons in contrast to the normal routine where we do pretty much the same thing everyday. It started out with Zone Conference on Tuesday which was great. We met our new mission president. Pres. Reber and his wife. I already love them. They are great. I translated a little bit for Sister Reber and I remembered a lot about how I felt at my first zone conference when I heard her Portuguese and how she wanted so badly to get to know everyone but couldn´t quite get the words out and understand. But she will learn fast, she seems like a really determined person. I feel like I already have known them for a really long time. President talked about faith and how we can have more faith and practice our faith. He spoke about how his mission changed him and how almost everything that he has done in his life was based on his activity in the church thanks to his mission. I know that missions are powerful things that can really change people. I feel that I have already learned a lot with our new President.
 It was fun to speak in English a bit, and to feel equally comfortable in Portuguese. This is a sign of progress. That was Tuesday. Then wed. we helped out with a community project in the 4th grade class of a sister in our ward. I played my violin and answered tons of the fourth graders questions. It was very fun and made me think a lot about the pre-school and how my life prepared me for my mission and my mission continues to prepare me for life. That same day my comp. taught a class about make-up for the young women. We pushed to find new people to teach this week and Lidiane (was a reference from another Elder) came to Church this week. I´m excited for her progress. she says that she believes the Book of Mormon is true and really liked church. I hope that we will have more spiritual experiences with her this up-coming week. Last night we also were able to have a family night with our Bishop´s family as we work with one of his sons to come back to church.
 I had a great interview with my President Reber on Saturday and I loved chatting with Sister Reber. We talked about endurance and how to fortify our spirits. He is an inspired man. I received that testimony very strongly this week.
 I also was able to play my violin for ward conference and the other sisters (Sister Chatwin and Sister Morais) had a baptism yesterday of a girl named Stefani that I helped to teach. It was fun and I also got to play my violin for the baptism.
 I am blessed. I can´t complain. Sometimes its tough. but the truth stays the same.
Be good. know that I love you and keep fortifying the kingdom of God on the earth. That´s what I´m going to do this week :)
 com amor,
Sister Sorensen (the other one that´s not coming home in a few days)

My first zone conference with President and Sister Reber 
 at mutual this week my comp. gave tips about make-up and she did my make-up to show examples....this is the most make-up I have had on my face without preforming in a play
We went to an animal reserve and rescue last week on and and monkey :)

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