The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sarah Cate: I am running out of Mondays...

Hello Family and Y'all,
 I don't really know what to write. Life has slowed down a bit. I am still in San Antonio, in the converse area. It's pointless to give y'all the address because I'll be home faster than..well than I would like to be. I am truly trying to keep things positive. I needed to be in this last area. I needed to be in the companionship I am in right now. I am truly blessed to have the best mission in the world. 
 I have found myself deep in thought a lot this past week and assume I will be in the next coming week. I have been asked to give a training all by my lonesome this week at a zone meeting. It's only a fifteen minute deal but I guess this is just one more prep for real life and being on my own. 
 I am glad y'all had a great 4th of July. I love July in Texas because everything is so much bigger than it needs to be. I do appreciate the pride people have for our country here. Particularly in this area. We are right by Ft. Sam Houston army base and so I think we get an added measure of patriotism. We have a very young history as a country but a very rich history. It's rich because it was directed by God. The Lord has been in on it from the very beginning. I am very excited to sit at my father's feet when I get home and learn all about the things I should have before my mission. I can not wait to read all of his books about history. It's impossible to know the future but you can understand a lot by knowing where you came from. Family history is very important and it is something that I am looking forward to getting into. Literally it is what ties us to our family. I want to know my family. I want to know our church history. I want to understand more history. 
 I have resolved to become an educator. I am going to teach. I have been telling people that I would love to open up a fine arts pre-school. Austin would love it. I want to, however, find a way to help our education system. I want to find a way to bridge the gap between learning in the classroom and learning at home. Parents need to become more involved and active in their kid's lives. I hope to help make that change. I don't know how yet but I feel very passionate about making a change.
 I have been in a dream like state. I keep thinking that President will allow me to stay. I have a very strong hope in my heart. There have been many times this past week where missionaries have called me, literally from around the mission, asking me for advice and comfort. It has been a blessing for me to know that I have helped in some way. I know that I may not have baptized a nation but I have helped the people I have met. I have made some of my very dearest friends here in Texas. I want so badly to continue on like this but I know and trust God. He knows what is best. He won't let me fall. I cannot forget that. 
 I love y'all so much. Please pray that I can sleep. Other than that, I am golden. I am so blessed. Thanks y'all for being my friends. Life is good. 

Hna. Sorensen 

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