The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Libbi: Wow...the times they are a changin..

Well, the mission continues. We heard our last conference (via cell phone) of President Oliveira. Now starts the presidency of President Reber. I´m excited to meet him tomorrow in our Zone Conference. It Should be a great and spiritual meeting.
Before anything else...CONGRATS DAVID MATHEW ON YOUR MISSION CALL TO PARIS FRANCE!!!!!! I am beyond excited for you and everything. Don´t worry we will have a great little get together in 2014 when we see each other again! The time really will fly for you. It has flown for me here in the past year or so.
Thanks to Susu and Gus for you constant and faithful letter writing. I also got a letter from Aunt Marilee and I just want to thank everyone that prays for me. I feel you prayers. They help me everyday!
We continue to work in Jardim Imá with the members and non-member to fortify the Lord´s Kingdom in this part of the world. We found some new people that we are teaching this week. Roberta is a young girl that has relatives that are members of the church.  She is what we call an eternal investigator´ but we are working to prepare her to be baptized and to truly seek a response in prayer about the Restoration and decision to be baptized. Gerson and Erick are both having serious opposition in their lives that is keeping them from coming to church. Please pray for them. We continue the work here and this week we have a ton to look forward to. We will have zone conference tomorrow, I will play my violin at a cultural display for the community, Ward conference, and my comp is also going to help out with an activity for the young women about modeling. Should be a fun week.
I have observed lots of people deal with difficult trials in their lives this time that I have been in this ward. My companion, members, and investigators. They have lost family, suffered from sickness, watched loved ones make bad choices, and much much more. I am learning to `mourn with those that mourn, comfort those that stand in need of comfort...` I feel stronger for this and a new capacity to love and have compassion for others!
I am happy. I am healthy. I am serving the Lord and trying to with all my heart might mind and strength. It is a challenge at times. My flesh is weak. I trust in Him and know that only  though Him I can be made whole. I need him along with all of us.  Honor his sacrifice with all that you do. Be good. CTR. I love you all dearly.

com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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