The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sarah Cate: Good Day and happy Christmas week!

Oh how I love my family.
This past week was one of tremendous missionary work. A week ago was very emotional and I didn't get any sleep...literally about 2 hours. It was really hard to know that all the spiritual Giants on the mission that I really loved and respected were leaving.
As I said before though, I was paired up with a beautiful sister name Hermana Hopkins. (Sharise Hopkins). She is beautiful inside and out. She is a brand new missionary so this was the end of her first transfer or first six week period. It was up to me to take over for a
week until we both got new companions or until President decided to double me out and send me to Riverside (her area) to finish training her. This past week covered both areas and found out had the huge blessing of speaking my mission language a lot. It was so beautiful
and the gift of tongues is real.  I have prayed for it every day on my mission. (both for the gift in English and Spanish). I got to go to the Riverside Christmas Party and got asked to play an impromptu duet of Silent Night on my violin. (I made it a duet because I knew one of the Elders could play the violin and he has managed to be in this area of 6 months and not tell anyone so I personally took it upon myself to not allow him to hide his talents under a bushel.) I think he really
doesn't like me now but we played beautifully......I later volunteered us to play for Christmas Conference which is this Thursday...heee hee heee!!!!! I'm soooooo clever! I just want to help him achieve his potential. Anyways, it was beautiful. I loved it. I play very poorly now at this point in my life but God allows me opportunities to not lose this gift completely.
I got a beautiful package full of Justin Bieber things from my dearest Sister DELeON! Oh how I love thee. Te amo hermana. Me extrango mucho. No se como poner los (enyays--yeah sound it out) en espanol. Lo siento. Es un juego. :) Voy a escribirle muy pronto.  Espero que tu tengas trabajo. Estoy oracionando para ti. Oh te amo hermana!!!!
Tambien fue muy bien oir de mi hermana Lauren (KiKi) Keller!!!! te amo mucho!!!!!!!! oh man. I just feel like I am an alien. I just have no idea what is going on with anything but I hope and pray for you always. You are beautiful. Thanks for keeping me up with  everything.
I love hearing all about it. I go to my parents for everything so please feel free to do the same :)

soooooo ready to hear my fate as of last night?!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooo excited because we heard from President which meant only one thing: I WAS BEING DOUBLED OUT AND GOING TO RIVERSIDE WHERE I COULD SPEAK SPANISH ALL DAY LONG AND LOVE TO EAT TOMALES AND BEANS AND RICE AND TODAS LAS COSAS....................pero.......................
I AM TRAINING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




OK for realsies I'm better. Yes I am training again. I get her on Wednesday this week. I am not as scared as I am for the previous one but what is President thinking?!!! I am not a good trainer! In fact I am quite terrible. I enjoy working with people that know what they are
doing. I guess I need to humble myself and love her with all the heart that I have left in me.
Oh mis feelings are just...."oh booooyyy here we go again!" But I just love the adventure that is every day in the mission. I love Sister Hopkins so I really don't want to change but change must happen in order to progress. I read that in a conference
talk the other day....ouch. I am slowly trying to embrace that.
So I have to admit something......I got y'all's packages today. THANKS Y'ALL SOOOO MUCH. i peaked a little. :) don't be mad OK?  I just was soexcited to hear from my family and was hoping maybe there was a letteror something but there happened to be something better than
BANGARANG MOMMY!!!  Thanks y'all so much for taking those. I was hoping for some more....but.....I'm just kidding. I'm a brat. I am very blessed and i started to tear up when i saw all the smiling faces of my family looking at me. OH how i miss y'all so much. I didn't open up
anything else or the packages or nothin but i  did get the pictures. HOLY MARGARET!@ YOU ARE SOOOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP GROWING UP THIS INSTANT YOU HEAR!!!!!!!!!!! MOM AND DAD YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'ALL HAVE LOST WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE. now I'm terrified to send y'all pictures of me....hahahaha oh well. I've grown too. :) hee hee. I am just so overwhelmed with seeing y'all I am just on cloud nine.
thanks y'all for sending those.
Life is good. Nothing too crazy is happening but we will be talkin to y'all this week. How weird is that? I hope y'all just know how much I miss and love y'all so much. I'm heart broken to hear about Kelly. I am truly so sad. God may need her music and her amazing spirit to bless
the masses in Heaven. She is just that good. One day I want to be that good....I will. I just am heartbroken but God knows best. I love y'all. Live every day like its your last. Love every moment and everyone in those moments. That is how y'all will find the greatest happiness. Choose to love. Choose to look up. :) Life is beautiful...even the rainy days.
Love y'all con todo mi corazon.
Hermana Sarah Cate Sorensen

p.s. I heard y'all have temps in the teens.....yikes. Glad I'm not
there!! 50's -70's this week. boooyaaa!! haha Texas loves y'all.

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