The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Libbi: Noticias da Brasileira

 Oh, I can´t even express how wonderful it was to talk to you guys yesterday and how excited I am now to work work work and dedicate myself more fully to this wonderfully important obra(work). I have known for a while but I always forget when I´m on the Internet to say CONGRATS DANIEL AND AMANDA!!! on getting married for time and all eternity! I´m so proud of you and your example is amazing as you commence your journey together! I love you both and I really loved receiving your wedding announcement this week....just a day after you were married...I love snail mail. Sorry, but better late then never and I wish everyone a happy new year!!!

The work, I have to admit, was very slow this week. It was difficult to find people at home because lots of people go on trips this time of year or don´t want to hear about Jesus Christ when they are on `feriado` but its all good. We now start a new transfer and I have been blessed to stay here in the same area and with the same companion Sister Morais. We are learning a lot together and I know this transfer we are going to have success and work that much harder in this wonderful area of Industriario. Norma continues to progress but we found out that she is not married and unlike Campo Grande that has a program to get married for free...Cuiabá doesn´t have one and so its a bit more complicated to get married. We also found out about some problems in her union with her "practically" husband. But, she is reading the book of Mormon and continues to progress. We are working with another family that has a son on a mission but he is the only member. They are reading the book of Mormon but went on a trip for Christmas so we will try this week to confirm a date of baptism and get them coming to church again! We also met another reference of a member (neighbor) that is really excited and ready to hear more about the Gospel. I´m excited about your possibilities with Maiara.

The work progresses and Libbi is becoming more and more lost as I find more and more the identity of Sister Sorensen (or surriso como muintas pessoas fala que nâo sabe falar meu nome) good stuff....this week I found out that the brand of lemonade that I experimented with is called Frisco....not to be confused with Fresco which is another word for gay...I discovered yet another oops :) Life keeps on going and I keep on learning. I hope all of you are doing the same. Read the scriptures, pray always, and keep choosing what is right. You will be happy...its a promise of our Heavenly Father! I wish you all the very best and a happy new year. Let´s work hard and do our part more fully in this year of 2012!!!!!

com amor,
Sister Sorensen

(Photo of Sister Sorensen through the computer screen during her Christmas Day Skype Conversation)

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