The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sarah Cate: From Austin City Limits

I am going to be brief because its been an interesting week. I am trying very hard to connect with the people here. Everyone we meet seems like a friend from another life. People are very comfortable here. We didn't teach much this week at all. It's hard for me. My companion is just stellar. She went home on medical leave a while ago because she had a brain tumor. She is back out but her headaches are coming back. We have been praying and fasting a lot this week to figure out what the next step should be. She is quite the trooper but it is also getting pretty bad and conflicting with the work. My heart is breaking because it would seem that she might be headed home at the end of this transfer. The Lord sees fit to really have me grow and stretch this next transfer. Oh man. Keep praying for people for us to teach here and for people to progress.
Mom, I just love y'all so much.  Please keep praying for Larry L. He is stellar. Help his wife to come back to church and to soften her heart to us. I will have to explain more next week. Thanksgiving was awesome. We didn't have as many appts. as we hoped to have but we are still working hard. We ate with a newly married couple who are in their 50's. It was kind of gross because they were all over each other and it was just weird and gross and awkward... but I love them. We visited some other families that night so it was fun.
 I love hearing about how well all y'all are doing. Keep up the amazing work Meg. It's the ward and stake Christmas party this week so maybe we'll get to see some investigators there!! yahoo. Thanks y'all for y'alls prayers. Keep sendin them my way.
 I love ya.
 hna. Sorensen

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