The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, December 23, 2011

Libbi: "O Meo Brasil"

Oh´s everyone doing? Life is good here in Cuíaba and I continue to learn a lot...about peole, life, and this perfectly wonderful Gospel. This week was work...lots of work. We met a lot of new people but the difficulty now is finding them at home when we pass by and teaching. This week I learned a lot about myself and how I can personally be a better tool in the Lord´s hands. I asked a young boy if his brother was in prison instead of asking him if he got a job...good stuff I am still learning this language also. Yesterday I officially celebrated 7 months on the mission. Wow, time just keeps passing faster and faster. Sarah...are you freaking out that you almost have a year?! Whoa your old. haha How is the holiday season..I seriously haven´t thought about it is like everyone else is celebrating but the work and routinue of the missionaries continues uninterrupted. But, the part that I love is that I have already been feeling this same Chirstmas Spirit for 7 months now because everday I´m teaching and watching the change that only the power of the atonement can make in people´s lives. I LOVE MY MISSION! I LOVE THIS EXPERIENCE!
We are continually working with reactivation of people here in Industriario and we have successfully reactivated the mother of Suellen our recent convert and another family. We are working hard with a family that has a son on the mission but none of them are members. We thought what a great chirstmas present to see a picture of his family´s baptism. But, we will see...they are reading the book of Mormon and we are now trying to stress the importance of church.
I love what I´m doing and I love all of you...I wish you the best and stay true to the truths you know. Remember what is more important during this Chirstmas Season...and every season for that matter.
com amor,
Sister Sorensen

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