The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sarah Cate: I can't believe it's Monday again!

Hello Y'all,
I am back. I am doing better this week. I was telling Libbi in her e-mail today that i am in survival mode. This area has been such a growing experience. I felt y'all's prayers though. Thank you. We had several people that have been golden that we have been teaching. Three of them have dates. One of them, Justice, we went by to visit and her family was moving. We helped them move and said good bye to her. I don't think i'll ever see her again. She has our number but she doesn't have a phone. She has been in and out of rehab a lot. She has done everything under the sun to get money and the poor girl is only 18. It was one of many good byes I had to say this week. 
Due to transfers, I had the opportunity to say good bye to some really amazing missionaries. It was really hard. As y'all know, I am terrible with good byes. I am truly awful. I feel a lot of pain when I know I have to say good bye. Well after we said good bye to Justice, we found out that our other two investigators with a date that are just amazing....they moved today also. We had to say good bye to one of them last night and then one this morning. They will progress onward in El Paso and also in Arizona. We will keep in contact it's just heart breaking. Oh what an interesting animal the mission is. 
This week it will be back to the basics. We have Nicole that we are still working with. She is awesome. She won't accept a date. I asked her to pray about a date and she just about freaked out and never talked to us again. Its cool. I have no regrets. 
I was blessed this past week to speak with some good friends I have made on my mission. I got to talk to Elder Nygaard this past week. I know God put him in my life this week. He gave me some advice and reminded me of some things that I needed to hear. It helped change my perspective on a lot. It was truly a tender mercy. I also talked to another Elder who is now an assistant. He has been a good influence on me through out my whole mission. He too gave me some sound advice that helped pull me out of the craziness that has been going down here. I know God uses other people to answer our prayers. Daddy, y'all's post cards helped me a lot. Thank you for Alma 26. I think that is my life in scripture right there. Mommy, your note meant a lot to me as well. I knew that if I could just have some advice from y'all, I would be better. 
I need to  make some long-term plans about moving back here. I love these people. It will be very different living here as a normal human but I'm down for it. 
Well y'all, I hope y'all have a good week and that y'all know i love you. Keep...doing something. It will eventually have purpose and meaning. Hope y'all have a good day. 

Hna. Texican.

Yes...we do eat in Texas!

Perhaps this frog is the one...


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