The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Libbi: Yeah yeah...its Campo Grande here

Bom Dia!
OK....This week I celebrated 13 months and my companion celebrated 9 months. She now has passed the half way point and as is the tradition we took many funny photos of her fake pregnant belly Friday night. It was funny and the time continues to pass at the speed of Sarah Cate now has only 1 more month....whoa...weird. The fear continues to build of the impending reality of real life. For will stay as a dream.
 This week we had a good rhythm...we work and followed through with some of our new possibilities. We had three young girls that came to Church. Ana, Luana, and Franciele. They are cute but also teenagers so we will see what happens with them. Erick (who is the boyfriend of a member) accepted a BAPTISMAL DATE for this Saturday! We are beyond excited and we will work hard with him this week to be totally ready for the big day. We are reaping the blessings of your prayers. Thanks your for all of them! I also had the chance to play my violin in Church with a family that recently converted...they sang How Great Thou Art. I love that hymn. It will forever have a special meaning to me. We will push to find more people to teach this week. I love my comp. We are similar and yet very different. We compliment each other well and this allows the Spirit to flow and the work to continue.
 I continue to discover and learn in this work that is both part and yet not part of the world. (hope that made sense) I am in a strange mood today and feeling a lack of information to write. I am happy. I am doing well and the work continues. Keep on trekin´ my people! I love you are what makes me. Thanks for your examples and love constantly in my life.
 com amor,
Sister L. Sorensen
13 months on my mission...still lovin the Chaco tan!

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