The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Libbi: My mission...up until now.

Well, I love you all. Just so you know.
This week was a good week. I can´t complain because ERICK WAS BAPTIZED! He was baptized Saturday night and confirmed yesterday. He will receive the Aaronic Priesthood next week and he is doing great. But continue to pray for him because his girlfriend who is a member of the church is moving to São Paulo and he will enter the Army here in a little bit so he will need your prayers to stay strong and committed. Also, our recent-convert Gerson needs your prayers also...a bunch of his old friends came into town and he is having a hard time resisting his old life. Help him with your prayers please.
My companion was sick this week so unfortunately we didn´t have a regular working week. But she is better now and I´m excited to work hard to find new people to teach and keep pushing on in this area with my comp. We are going to work hard this upcoming week and have another miracle. The big news of the mission is that Pres. Riber and his Sister Riber arrive and will be coming here to the south of the mission. I´m really excited to get to know them. The part that makes me nervous is that Sister Riber doesn´t speak Portuguese and I might be the translator for her....ahhh I´m definitely not ready for that.. oh well...the Lord qualifies those He calls to work for Him. I will trust in him!
Get someone to translate or just search for the talk by Pres. Hinckley but this was in the letter from my President (the last letter from Pres. Oliveira) and sums up perfectly how I feel about my mission and what I have been through in this last 13 months.
 "Meus queridos jovens amigos, espero que todos vocês estejam almejando o serviço missionário. Não posso prometer que será divertido. Não posso prometer facilidade e conforto. Não posso prometer que não terão de passar por momentos de desânimo, temor ou mesmo angústia. Mas posso prometer que crescerão como nunca o fizeram em um período de tempo equivalente em toda a sua vida. Prometo-lhes uma felicidade que será ímpar, maravilhosa e duradoura. Posso prometer que vocês reavaliarão
sua vida, estabelecerão novas prioridades, viverão mais perto do Senhor, e que a oração se tornará uma experiência real e maravilhosa, que vocês andarão na fé proveniente das boas coisas que fizerem. (1998 Outubro General Conference, Para os Rapazes e para os Homens)
I love this work. I´m so glad I made the choice to come on a mission. If you are reading this and deciding if you will go on a mission or not. SAY A PRAYER! ASK GOD! He will answer you! He will tell you! This truly is a marvelous work that is coming forth in our day! How blessed are we to take part in it! I feel blessed!
I love you all, be good, ctr.
com amor,
Sister L. Sorensen
Preparation Day...ahhh

Great Blessings

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