The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Libbi: On the road again...I can´t wait to get on the road again..

Here we go!!!!!
 I found out yesterday that I will be staying here in Jardim Imá for another transfer with my same comp. I am super excited!!! I love my comp. and we work really well together. She teaches me and we learn together. We have already experienced  a lot together. I was reflecting back on this last transfer and all that has happened and I really do feel like I have lived 3 years of life in this last 6 weeks. Crazy how you learn so much and have this experience overload in every moment in the mission field.
 I honestly don´t have a whole ton to report this week. We are working with a woman that out of the blue entered the church last Sunday and wanted to know more about the programs for music and English. I think I will be a good candidate to help her learn and become closer to Christ. I´m excited. Her name is Valmira and the first day that we planned to meet with her we ended up talking with her mom for more than an hour about her life and situation. She has some difficulties but she is completing her commitments with us and came to church yesterday. We are excited for the possibility of her baptism this next Sunday. We also received some references from the members who are helping us out here in the work. I´m excited to contact these people and continue preparing these people to accept the restored and true Gospel of Jesus Christ.
 This next Sunday will be a little different in our mission because we have the great opportunity to watch the dedication of the Manaus Temple. I´m way excited as a member of the church but it is harder for the missionary work part because we will not be having a normal sacrament meeting. We will be holding just a Sunday school class for the investigator because only members can attend the dedication. I´m however, extremely excited to watch the dedication of the 6th temple here in Brasil. It is wonderful.
 The work continues and I continue to learn. I love that. Way cool. Never gets old.
 I wish you all a great week and know you are in my prayers and good. CTR.
 com amor,
Sister L. Sorensen

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