The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Libbi: I forgot cold till it hit me in the face..

Hey Family and friends,
 Well....I remember when I was going to Utah State and lived in Logan...I knew what cold was..I felt cold I lived in the cold. Hahaha that was real cold. Then I came to Brazil and completely forgot what cold was. I arrived in São Paulo during winter (which is summer in the states) a year ago and thought...oh cool I can use this light jacket that I packed ´just in case´ but I didn´t really think that was cold. Then I arrived in Cuiabá...I only stayed there for 1 day but I almost melted in the heat of ´winter´ haha then I came to Campo Grande (this was about a year ago now) There was a fresh breeze and I burned in the sun. There were a few days of rain and cold wind but I didn´t even remember it anymore because by mid September I was already in the blazing heat of spring. Then Then Cuiabá....hotter and now the winter of Campo Grande....real winter...ok well now below 65 degrees and I´m bundled up with tights and 3 sweater...what will happen to me when I come home and have to meet REAL cold again?! Just food for thought here.
 I´m glad to know everything is crazy busy at our guys NEVER stop! That´s awesome....keep it up. Don´t forget to take time to Thank the Lord and do the little things to invite inspiration from the Spirit. I love guys.
 Well, we started a new week, a new transfer and like always it feels like a new start. I am learning and working to find people to teach. We were able to find a few this week but the strange part is that none of them could come to church this week because of the temple dedication which was wonderful by the way. President Uchdorf gave the dedicatory prayer and he and Elder Cook were the presiding authorities. It was wonderful. want to hear a story about sacrifice...just take a look at the history of the church in Manaus. The people there really know what it means to ´sacrifice everything´ to go to the temple. To me, their stories really resemble the early pioneers and founders of the Church. I really miss the temple. Everyone reading this e-mail that is within 1 hour of the temple....go to the temple this week for me! Help those that have been waiting for such a long time to reap the blessings of this perfect and restored Gospel.
I know that the Temple is the house of the Lord. I felt that this week very strongly. President Uchdorf gave a talk with a theme that I just loved. It is a scripture but I don´t remember where in the old testament: ´walk among God with all your heart´ I challenge you guys to do that this week! Walk before Him with ALL Your Heart! I love that. I´m also trying to do that here. I love learning. I love that we get to pray...that God our loving Heavenly Father gave us this gift. I love talking with him...and I´m learning how to give my whole heart and soul to him!
 I love you all. Be good. CTR.
 com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

ps. these pics were this week....saying goodbye to pres. and sister Oliviera and working in the cold....hahaha and by the way the cold has already passed by. We are enjoying 80 degree weather again! :)  So much for winter south of the equator...

 Hmmm...try to pick out Sister Sorensen in the crowd....hmmmmm
All bundled was a cold 65 degrees...

On the bus in Campo Grande

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