The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sarah Cate: "Oh the Stars at Night..."

This week was another roller coaster!! yahooo! First of all: Rumor mill-- Courtney, our recent covert, really got in to the church because of her boyfriend that she was seeing at the time who was a member. Well they broke up right before the baptism and then got back together after the baptism....well.....turns out Courtney is not officially divorced from her husband and has decided to go back with her husband! Good news though, she told him how important the church is to her and that it's a must in their relationship so they are going to talk to the bishop next week together!  He is a very quality guy but it was quite a side swipe when it all happened. What's gonna happen to the member? I know not but we pray for him. In other news, the lady that we live with, has had some threats from her ex husband. He is such a nerd and it makes me very sad that he chooses to try to bring others down. I pray for him daily. ggrrrr.....No, God has a plan for our Mamma Billy. He will sort it all out! I"m so happy I'm not the judge. 
We met some new people this last week. It was really nice. One was a half Spanish speaker! Yahoo! She speaks both so we are hoping that we can use our Spanish with her. Her name is Lola. Her father recently died and she has decided to become religious again. We are also very happy to have found a couple who recently had a baby and who are church hopping and set up another time to meet with us. Neither were at church but, we are still very hopeful and excited to see what happens. School started today so its been a little bit easier  for us to find people at home. We are excited for what will happen. 
The Lord provides. I am so blessed, thanks mom for the package!!! THAT WAS AMAZING! It was waaaay tooo much but sooo greatly appreciated. Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for the picture of Meg! I have shown everyone! Truly. She looks soooo big! STOP GROWING NOW. STOP IT!!!  I love you. YOu are so pretty. Well all my family is pretty. I am blessed. Thanks y'all for todo. Truly I have the best family in the world. Dad, your postcard is traveling with me everywhere because it is sooo my dad! I love it soo much. Thank you. I love y'all so much. Keep up the good work!!
Hna. Sorensen 

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