The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libbi: Pois E'

I have successfully completed my my first transfer! Weird, time is fast and slow and fast and slow and crazy and weird and I am just learning and growing so much my head is spinning.
 This week we had zone conference it was wonderful! I led the music (yes Susu I am doing all I can to share my musical abilities on the mission) I also sang and played my violin with the other sisters I live with and my comp. It was a creation of my own for the hymn more holiness give me. I think it turned out OK. Then Presidente talked about sacrifice, it was awesome. We watched the film about the man that worked on the Salt Lake Temple, Moyle I think his name is, anyway, the film had Bruce Newbold in it and I laughed as I tried to find more people I knew in it. But, it was amazing.  The Spirit was powerful and afterward Presidente asked me to bear my testimony.  I'm not sure how awesome that part was but I spoke about how my mission is not a sacrifice but an opportunity and privilege. I am so blessed to be here and have this opportunity to learn and grow. It is difficult and unnatural and awkward at times but it is perfect and exactly what I need in my life. I learned a lot in our zone conference and we practiced a ton. Foi ouchimo! (It was Great!)
 Anyway, the rest of the week was filled with highs and lows. This week Oswaldo received the Aaronic Priesthood and we taught many new people. But, the down side was that Bruna and Peterson decided to wait to be married. The sad part is that Bruna is ready and wants to be married and baptized and Peterson is a little slow. I am the most sad because the mom of Peterson is a member and she is the one that convinced them to wait and have a big party and all this stuff. But Bruna is pregnant and they already have 2 other kids. I am sad because Bruna just wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ. I want to help her but they didn´t come to church and are no longer progressing! Ahhh, biggest low of the mission thus far. But, after the rain comes the rainbow.  We taught Adriana and her son Luis last night and the Spirit was very strong. I think they are a possibility and I´m hopeful they will follow the Spirit and be baptized. I found out that we will stay where we are this transfer and also with the sisters we are living with. I am so blessed. I love these sister and I learn and grow with them everyday.
 I am happy to hear the chickens are laying eggs and I wish you well mom and dad in your new diet. I think I need a diet...I eat very little during the day but lunch is the main meal here and we always over eat...makes work difficult after lunch but I will adjust and learn and grow from everything here. I love it! I love my mission! I love the Lord because he is so merciful and loving and I know this plan and this Gospel are real! They have the power to change lives! I see it daily! I am so happy for you Meg and your first day of school! Soak up every minute of middle is awkward at times but you will laugh at all the good times when you are old like me and want to be a child again! How is bailey? I miss dogs that are kind and sweet and clean and alive....well someday I will see her again! Oh announcements for August: I am horrible with birthdays and anniversaries forgive me please! Like I said, time is strange but if you had any form of celebration this month! Parabems! I love you and wish you the best. I pray for you and know that what I am doing is right and wonderful and happy! Have a killer week!

Sister Libbi Sorensen

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