The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Libbi: BATISMO!!!

You will know in a week because of my journal so I might as well tell you....I was robbed last week and because of this I went to Cuiaba and got a new paper from the Policia Federal and all kinds of fun stuff. But I am being more careful on the Rua and all is well. Don´t stress, just continue to pray for me please!:)

OH MY FAMILY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I can´t express in words how blessed and honored I am to call you family! I truly have nothing to complain about. I´m far too blessed! This week I received LETTERS!!! yeah!!! I received letters from mom, dad, MEGGIE -so awesome to hear from you and 2 others from Gus and Susu. Thank you thank you! I felt like I just drank a spiritual energy drink after I heard how wonderful you all are and how very blessed we all are! Thank you thank you! Last week was crazy for many different reasons but I had an opportunity to go to Cuiaba and visit the Policia Federal again for my visa. Presidente was in Campo Grande for another conference and I returned to Cuiaba with him and his assistants by plane. I was able to spend an hour plane ride with a truly amazing man - my mission president, Presidente Olivera. He was called to be a bishop when he was 25 and had been a member of the church for 3 months! He wasn´t married till a year after. He has always had a calling in the church and he is so wonderfully chill and calm about everything! He practiced his English and complimented me on my progression in Portuguese. He is truly called of God. I spent 1 day there and did some missionary work with the sisters there. It was really great and I returned (all by myself - it was really weird) I felt a little lost in Cuiaba and was relieved to see my companion and other sisters we live with when I returned to Campo Grande.
THIS WEEK WE HAD OUR FIRST BAPTISM! His name is Oswaldo. I think I already explained his situation last week but he is wonderful and has the purity of a child. We are so blessed! Just last night he gave us 8 references. He wants us to share this message with everyone he knows! He is great! The work here is progressing and I´m being stretched everyday. The language is coming and slowly but surely I´m learning and growing...thanks to the great patience of my companion. I will answer some of your questions now Mom. I am in sort of the rural part of the city and it has relatively normal technology....the computers are a bit slow but it is normal for a person to have tv and various things. Sorry I don´t have much time. My clothes are great and I use almost all of them.  A couple shirts I am leaving in the house we live in (sort of a duplexy thing) and it is great.  We have one bedroom, one room for study and a kitchen oh and bathroom of course. We have a washer that struggles so I hand wash  and we air dry everything. I am happy and excited for more success and work in this area. I love you all and wish you well in your many adventures. Congratulations Lar on your engagement! I love you love you love you! Stay true to what you know is right. The church is true.
Com Amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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