The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sarah Cate: It's Blazin Hot Y'all

Well here goes nothing.
This week was another hard working week in the TSAM. Still so blazing hot and EVERYONE, even the natives, complain about it. For us, it has been both a blessing and a curse. A veces (at times) we get into people's houses because they think we are crazy for walking outside in the heat. Other times people say "oh it's too hot to talk to you now." --slam! haha I love it. As a companionship, we are doing very well. Transfers are in a week and a half and the Bishop of one of the wards called president and asked if we can be together for another transfer because we are doing such a good job. Sister Larsen is VERY loved here. Its going to be interested to see how people react to us when she is gone...we fear, despite the phone call, she is going to be transferred. I love her very much too. In short, she will be very much missed. I have worked very hard to try to learn the area and get to know the people. I am nervous though for this transition. Ooohh well. Come what may. We went on exchanges with the St. Cloud sisters. St. Cloud is almost right in downtown San Antonio. The area is a lot more humble than ours. I left our area and went to St. Cloud. I GOT TO SPEAK SOME SPANISH! Yahoo! It was fun but VERY scary because i was sooo out of practice. Oh man i want to cry right now because i just read Libbi's letter and how amazing she is. She is so so cool. I want to be just like her one day. I think this week I might hand wash my clothes and hang them to dry just so I can have the experience. I think the neighbors might call the police though. That kind of behavior does not fly in this area. :) --Y'all would be proud. Its just what Mom and Dad wanted for me...a chance to be more Lady-like and refined! This area demands it. What a joy. Well Courtney was baptized and we have been teaching her daughter Katherine. She is 11. She is GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!! Yahoo!! Her dad is coming into town and all is well. I think Courtney is a little jealous of the attention we have been giving her daughter so we are working hard on trying to make them all feel loved. We are blessed. Thank you for y'alls prayers and letters. Becky!! Thank you for the pictures! That was so much fun to hear from you! Thank you! Wow, have fun on your trip Pete and Sarah. That is really cool. Congratulations Ben on your new job. Best of luck with the chickens and the never ending water fall. I am excited to one day see it!
Fun story: My companion plays pranks on me constantly. I love it but it does get a little crazy sometimes. Previously, it was with hair balls, but it varies. I woke up in the middle of the night (as i do every night since i went on my mission) and I all of a sudden heard something brushing on our ceiling fan. We sleep on bunk beds and she has the top bunk so I asked her "what was that?" and she said "ooowwwww" confused, I responded "are you ok?" but was met with no response. Then I asked "was that your foot or your hand" and she said "my hand." I was like, what were you doing? response. I figured this had something to do with a prank she was about to pull but the fan got in the way. I let it go and went back to sleep. In the morning when we woke up she said "did I stick something in the fan last night?" I said "yes. why did you do that?" And she said "I have no idea" I thought I had dreamt it. ....yikes. Now I have to sleep with one eye open so that my companion does not kill herself with our ceiling fan. :) Oh the adventures in Texas.
I hope y'all know how much I love y'all. Lots of people are fixin to travel up to Utah. It seems every other person is up there. They all go the zoo. I think y'all should stand outside the zoo and ask people where they are headed from and then when they say Texas y'all should talk to them. They're good people.
Man I love y'all. I hope how y'all like how much 've  used y'all.
hna. Sorensen.

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