The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Libbi: Puxa Vida!

Oh this week... We had a confirmation on Sunday (Oswaldo), a car ride that was equal to the  Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, I mixed up many word, had many laughs, and a little bit of sorrow as is usual on the mission. We taught some lessons, but this area is difficult at times and didn´t have as many opportunities to teach and invite people as we would have liked. We called probably 10 people on Sunday and none came to the church.  This was a bit sad. The 2 people that I called just hung up on me and turned off their phones but all is well. I don´t have much time this week to write but I hope that everyone is doing well. Daniel: I keep hearing about this girlfriend of yours...write me about her please if you are going to spend eternity with her I would like to know a little bit about her! haha just kidding. I am so blessed on the mission. I have an amazing family. I am in an amazing place with an amazing ward and I am slowly but surely learning this language. I am talking more and more everyday. I am listening to cheesy church music that I swore I would never listen to and crying...oh the mission is changing me indeed. No, actually life is good and I still have so very much to learn. I know this e-mail is very uninformative and brief but I just had to switch computers and start over kinda...I wish you all well and know you are in my prayers. Thanks for your support and love! I am so very blessed I can´t stand it at times.
Sister Libbi Sorensen!

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