The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sarah falls in love...??!!! - Bangarang!!

Forgive me family, friends, everyone.
I have failed this last week in writing letters. I am only allowed to write letters on this one day and last I'm going to have to hand write that experience. Entoneses, lo siento i am kicking my trash this week in order to get it done. Please know taht i do love you and i have received your letters and i am working on writing you back. I am slow. Soy no perfecto como mis primos. My cousins are examples to me of amazing missionaries. I stinkin miss them. You know who else i miss? Bailey. How is my puppy dog? poody snoo good? Dead? I'm just prepin.
 Anyways, well i don't know how to put this next part of my letter.........don't tell anyone ok..........i fell in love here.......i was not expecting to at all but i have done it...............its my totally crept up on me and one thing led to another and now i love my mission. I'M IN LOVE WITH MY MISSION AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS!! Ok so really, last week, i made my mission my own and i feel the love of my mission and i am so amazingly excited to go to Texas i can't even tell you. Like real love, i fell out of it again this week because there is MAAAADDD DRAMA here in el ccm! es muy incredible en no bueno manera.
I am going to be sending you a package. Don't you worry your pretty little head about it Meg. I did not forget your birthday. I have had this package for over a week but due to recent popa en mi vida, i sent it tarde. LO SIENTO MEG! TE AMO! I really do love you so much. How was it? I prayed extra hard for you to have a good day taht day. How about your New Sarah Sorensen?! How was your birthday? How are you>? Did you get that job? I miss you. iL ove you both so much.
Well this is what is happening. There has been some mad Elder/ Hermana drama. Some elders are making advances on some Hermanas. And by some i mean myself and my companion. and my other companion is crying because she thinks no one likes her. ONCE AGAIN I DID NOTHING TO ASK FOR THIS! I WAS A NICE PERSON. that will teach me. No in reality, it is all good. I love my life so much. I have the opportunity to learn and grow in new ways every day here. I am learning how to teach. I am learning a new language. what the hey!! Why not be happy!!
Guess what! I GOT TRAVEL PLANS!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!! There is a light in the end of the tunnel. I am sending pictures home that you better put up there. I am sending a bunch! Enjoy. I wish you were here and were experiencing any of this with me. I missed your horn honk. I want so bad to see someone i know. Actually, i see wesley fasman because he works here and i also see a kid from our home ward. -yeah i can't remember his name. OOOHH YEAH JEFF WEIST! Yeah i hate it because i don't know anyones name from my past life. IT kills me. I truly cannot remember anyone's name. He teaches here
Luna-Rockasalot i stinkin love you both so much. I pray for you always. Please please please let me know whats up in your lives. God loves you both so much because you have helped me be a better person. YOu both have an amazing ability to relate to people and to love them. Thank you for loving God's children. Yeah waaaay cheesy. Just ya'll wait, it is the life here. sooo super amazing so just embrace it. :)
I leave March 2. My flight leaves at 7:10 in the A.m. I might call earlier. YES I GET TO TALK
TO OU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all. Don't forget about me i'm off to Texas. Bangarang. Oh i am sooo happy. Thank you for your letters. keep sending them. i love you
Hermana Sarah CAte Sorensen

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