The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, February 4, 2011

When the rain clouds part...sunshine!

aFTER THE TRIALS COME THE BLESSINGS. This week has been once again a trip and a half. Last week was hard and i knew coming into the new week after p-day was going to be even harder. The hermanas that were my mentors and my immidiate source of sanity were called away to their missions on Monday. I never thought i would be so sad seeing someone go. The only thing i can possibly equate it to is a fraction of how i felt when i was leaving all of you. It was a taste of what is to come.
I am growing so much. A huge tender mercy this week is my new calling. I am now the coordinating sister. Its essentially the Zone leader of the sisters. It has been sooo amazing the change in spirit. I am able to feel so much more. I love it. Its also given me a chance to have more friends outside of my zone and i have been able to be so social. -As you know this is my life. :) No it truly is so humbling. I can not even describe what a tender mercy it is.
Well I through my new calling i talked to a girl that knows Daniel! She is from the Island that he is serving right now. She said that a few weeks ago she was eating with him. She is my favorite now and every time i see her, i give her a hug and we tell eachother that we love eachother. I am so super blessed. that has been a tender mercy in my life
I miss music a lot. If you wanted to send my lyrics to a song that would be great. Or a letter in general. Thank you so much to Sam and Jess and their cute family! i have amazing pictures for my room now thanks to tate and jace! Thanks Kelan for the letter and the update on life. ITs always good to hear the news.
The language is kicking me in the trash but i am working really really hard at it. I can understand it but i can't speak it to save my life. This past week we taught our first lesson solo espanol. It was very difficult because neither of my hermanas speak that much espanol so a lot of it was up  to me and my interperting skills. I love you more than i could possibly imagaine. I love you i love you i love you. I am e-mailing you later than i expected but i will talk to you soon.  i really want to hear about anything. Ya'll are in my prayers. i love you. i love you i love you. I misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you.
ok ok. i love you all. Thanks Libbi for the letter. They are my favorite. you make me so happy. i love you.
I love you too meg.
I love you Mom
I love you Dad
I love you Ben
I love you Rae
I love you Sarah
I love you Pete
HOw are people?~
How is Karen and Mary
How is David
How is Travis
How are people?~ Hello i haven't heard this week. i love you all.

Keep up the good work. You all are my inspiriation..............sorry my letter this week is lame but i don't have any time. I will wite more soon. I love you.
H. Sorensen

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