The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blessings from Stepping Outside of self...Tender Mercies

Oh man MOm you are right. You deserve the biggest letter in the world for truly, and I will fight to the death if anyone says differently, you are the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD. These words on this page do not do my feelings for you justice. You stinkin rocked it this week mom. YES, HERMANA Furman got her package and letter. IT WAS AMAZING. Her birthday was probably the best day I have ever had in the mission field apart from the day before yesterday. Yesterday was soooo amazing. We woke up and went to class and all of a sudden our elders were already there and they had decorated her desk and surprised her. It was a HUGE surprise to me that our Elders suddenly grew hearts outside of their own sphere of existence. The surprises don't end there. Well the day before, I had previously set up with my zone to have everyone write her a letter so that she knows she is loved. So flash back to the birthday day... she continued, through the day, to receive letters from all over the place with the kindest messages in it. It was truly so happy. For Gymnasio, We had already asked the man who starts out the gym session to announce her birthday. Everyone yelled happy birthday and cheered as a bright, cherry red, faced hermana beamed at us. IT MADE MY DAY. Well after gymnasio, thinking this day could not possibly get any better, Our Elders surprised her once again with cards and a gift. The gift was none other than the very watch that Hermana was going purchase for herself!!! It was a HUGE gift and I almost cried when I saw it. I had prayed suuuuper hard that this day would be amazing for her and it was. The happiness was completed and shot over the top for both my companions and myself when Hermana received not only one but 2 packages! I nearly died inside because one (the best one i might add) was from none other than my SUPER AMAZING MOST TERRIFIC MOTHER and sister that threw in a note. DID THOSE CUP CAKES MAKE ME WANT TO SCREAM  I WAS SO HAPPY!! YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! I love you I love you I love you I love you. I love you! I miss you. I love you. I really miss you. you rocked more than I can ever express. I miss you. I love you. I love you.
Anyways, so nothing short of a milagro came this week. This entire weeks has been a milagro en mi vida. I am so blessed. 2 years ago when Matt died, I immediately harbored some serious feelings towards my Savior that i did not realize until two days ago. I received a package in the mail from Matt's mom. I almost died because of the extreme guilt i feel over the missing message. I thought this was going to be a sad thing and a hard thing. I had no idea. When i opened up the large manila envelope, i immediately saw my friend Matt's face and my eyes filled with tears. I frequently think, feel, and ponder about Matt here. It kills me. contained in this packet was a letter from Matt's mom. It said " I understand how it feels when things don't go the way you wanted. I want you to know that Matt talked about you alot and he loved you." I could not stop the tears. I was dying inside. Also contained in the envelope was Matt's story of his life, mission and death. Reading the details brought back a lot of things I hoped to never feel. I could not believe God would allow my friend to pass away. He had so much to live for. I read on and on about my friend through my tears and finally reached the end titled "afterwards". In this section it talked about some of the many miracles that Matt has performed and  continues to perform through his death. Like it said in this selection" Matt had so much to die for". I miss him so much but I know that Matt is here with me. 2 and a half years of prayers and I finally got my answer. God knew my heart and wanted to help me. Matt knew what I needed and he helped me.
If any of you that ever read this are wondering if God knows who you are, He does. I know it. I've experienced it. I have learned from it. I appreciate God's patience with me. Its all about the Lord's ways are not my ways. God loves us. He truly wants what is best for us. He has blessed me especially when I don't deserve blessings. He is a God of Perfect love and he will help us with anything. He wants to and I love him with all my heart.
I love you all for everything. I miss you. I love you. I love you. Ii love you. My family is my greatest blessing. You make my life. I love you. I live for you and you are amazing. Thank you friends. I love you too. Thank you for your letters that light up my life. I love you forever and ever. Never forget it!
Hermana Sorensen

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