The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, February 4, 2011

Momma said there'd be weeks like this...

First off: Mom- I got Hep. A shot. Please don't send me the tape to record today because i can't talk. My voice is gone. Am a stressed? Out of my head. I am still in a tripanionship. We change senior companions ever three weeks because we are in a tripanionship.
Ok so here goes nothing. MOnday was by far the worst day of my mission. There was a vortex of hate, health, frustration, death and frustration taht filled the air. Looooooong story short, I was feeling sick. no sick is an understatement. I was feeling the hands of death. I hurt bad. Anyways, my companiera Hermana Gneiting disappeared and no one knew where she went. Then the next thing i hear is that she is talking with the branch president. WHAT THE BEEEEEEP!!! Yeah. Later that day when we finally meet up with her. She opens a letter, starts crying and runs away AGAIN! This time we see it coming and we chase after our companion. This may sound like a soap opera and i am conviced i am living one. There are hidden cameras taping my life and i can only hope that someone, somewhere is enjoying my insainity. Well turns out Grandma died. Yes. She just found out. She wouldn't tell us why she ran away and was talking to the branch pres. the first time. Then we go to dinner. At dinner mi otra hermana Heraman Furman met up with some family friends who are going to Alaska. They tell her that her best friend from her homeward is going home. she is suuuper loving and so she starts to cry. Yeah by the time we get to class i feel like i would rather die than be alive because of my sickness...oh and thank heavens!! I HAVE A FREAKING COLD SORE.  Yeeeaeaahhh... try having that insecurity. oh you cant here. I think i can go home now becasue i have overcome that fear. Anyways, I am dying inside. I get back to class and it is just terrible. More long stories....we had to have blessings from our elders. Yes. i am one of those Hermanas who has to ask the Elders for blessings. It was good practice for them. I just lost all pride i ever had and it was just hard. The next day i just pushed through it all. I found out that next day that my voice had decided to stop working as well. It is still gone.
OOOOHHHHHH WEEEEELLLLLLL!!! Last weekend i got some sick packages. Thank you so much. i am so blessed. It was so good to hear about Gus's birthday. wish i was there but glad it all worked out ok. Mom-relax. Don't get any more headaches. I love you too much to see you hurt. Libbi i miss you. Thank you for your letters. They are more precious than gold. Meg you stinkin rock. I got two letters from you. Don't you worrry, you have some on the way. I love you. Dad. how is your car? I miss you too. I miss your hugs so much. I miss so many good things from home. I miss bailey.
This was the breaking week but hopfully it means that it can only go up from here. This coming week we are losing the two "older hermanas" in our zone. They have been my sanity here. They are so awesome. Hermana Porter and Hermana Young. I love them. Life keeps throwing curve balls and is a roller coaster mess of emotion. I love you all. Keep writing me. I need it! This coming week i also need lots of prayers. I have to teach the entire first lesson in solo espanol which is impossible seeing as how i have no voice. My companions don't say anything in the lessons when it comes to espanol so this should be interesting. I just miss you all. I want you here with me.  love you. I have 5 min. Reply suuuuper fast!

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