The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1 Complete...(It was the best of times, it was the worst of times)

Hola familia!!
IT was the best of was the worst of times....seriously about the only thing that runs through my head when i try to sum up this past week. I will be sending you a few of my incoherent thoughts to help with some explinations. Starting on monday, we started our regular routine and i think once i get a hold of it, it will get better. The dryers don't work here so most of my clothes come out wet and i have to air dry them. ITs a party. Well i guess lets start here: my comp. Hermana Furman has red hair and unforyunately she slips continually, so bad this week that she scraped her knee. I felt so bad for her. She has small legs and mi otra Hermana tiene "boot let" so in so in so many words we move slowly. Unfortunately even when we are not trying to get from place to place we still move slowly. ITs soooooo hard to get on the same page when learning and teaching. It kicks my trash. It really breaks my heart. Its a waaaay good lesson in pasiencia. I am praying in muy broken espanol and bearing mi testimonio. \
Dose tiempos this semana mi companieras y yo got to go outside of the mission gates. Ooohhh really quick- rumor goign aroudn that a kid a couple of days ago told his comp that he was going to the bathroom at 9:30 but instead walked out of the building, out of the gates, and walked 3 HOURS IN THE FROZEN NIGHT TO HIS AUNT'S HOUSE! wHY everyone is asking could he not have taken some of that determination and put it into his learning. Its pretty cold here and 3 hours es no bueno. Anyways- we left because we had to go to several doctors appointments for mi companiera's foot. Its still just sprained but about every other second we need to go to the health clinic or take pills or pick up my companions from off of the sidewalk or...yeah. I am getting used to it and i have heeps more patience than i did before i got here.  
I should have started my letter off with this: I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY EVER IN THE WORLD BECAUSE I GET LOADED WITH LETTERS AND EVERYONE IS ENVIOUS. I am not happy because of the envy but because i know i am so loved. I almost felt bad because i always get so many. KEEP USING DEAR ELDER.COM!! I am pretty way sure its devinely inspired. I promise now that i am going to have a regular schedual, i am going to write you all back this week. I promise. Its been a week of adjustment and change. I ran into about a bazillion people that i have the most random connections with. 
1. A new elder that came in and i sat by in the Cafeteria just happens to be John Richards-from highschool- nephew
2. While sitting at one of my many health clinic visits i talked to a mission couple goign to Daniel's mission!!
3. In that same waiting room, i met a couple who knew DAVID PHILLIPS AND SERVED WITH HIM IN AFRICA.- did she get my e-mail and contact info? -yes she did. Did she take a picture with me? -uuuuhhh you better believe it!!
4. Hermana  Maxwell just got here
I feel great and so tired and so sad and so happy all at the same time. I got to go to the provo temple this morning. It made my day. it was hard waking up at 5:45 though and walking there. -not my best memory but inside was warm and very amazing. 
I am going to have to write more about my adventures later but my laundry time is at 12:45 so i will be writing around that time to now every friday till i get out o hurr.
I love you guys soooo so so so soso much. 
mom, dad, LIBBI, MEG! - I STINKIN LOVE YOU. YOu all made me cry for the first time the other day when i was talking to a "investigator" about eternal families. did i cry in my bed that night thinking about my family and in particular my sister who i won't get to see for 2 years? yes i did. Was it such a happy time? yes it iwas. 
I need some immunization info from you mom. I love yo. I love love love lo9ve love you. i will write you soon but my time is seriously 1 minute. I love you  forever i love luuuuuuhhhhhh yall. seriously. love you. bye. 
Hermana sc 

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