The Sisters

The Sisters

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The start of a Happy New Year! - Sarah's first email from the MTC


I just want to continually scream that. My first few days have been........hhhmmmmm interesting. I hope you get my letter today because it will explain my companion situation. In short. I am part of a three-some and it is crazy. They are very very nice but we are literally the handicapped companionship. It takes us 10x's longer to do anything. My elders are very driven little boys. They make it hard though because they set awesome goals for us to reach but in my threesome case, they are impossible. I am learning soooo much espaniol. It makes me excited. I hope the lord knows how much i really want this language. The problem is that i have to drag my companions (literally) everywhere. My exercise is near impossible due to this...we'll just call it my "situation". 80 lbs here i come!! I really really really really really long for someone that i can truly talk to.  I know this is a lesson in relying on the Lord. Believe me, its everywhere here.. The MTC is not as negative as i am making it sound, i just wish i had someone to vent to. I know, pray to the Lord. I do.  I have and i will. I have an awesome Zone leader. He has a sweet English accent. It makes me smile when i hear it because sometimes i can't even understand what he is saying. In so many words...i love it. I am learning a lot all the time. It feels like i've been here for years though. Good thing its my third dia. No bueno. I am doing well though. The food here is no bueno despite personas telling me it was. I am eating well though. Having Elder Jensen in my district is such a blessing. We can start to joke a little before everyone gets mad at us for laughing. Its very intense and i can't wait to have some light heartedness here (which is not allowed). Oh well. So typical.

My next p-day will be next Friday. I can use this e-mail and that’s it. I can send letters so i LOVE RECIEVING THEM! Oh and for all y’all that don't want to send a physical letter, get onto and send me a letter. I seriously encourage everyone to do that. i love hearing about what is going on with you. It doesn't distract me, it actually helps me to focus. I wish i could see you guys. Tell Libbi to write me. Tell Peter to write me, tell Ben to write me. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for your letters. i love them.

Aunt Tia Val y Tio Mike, MUCHAS GRACIAS POR TU letter. It made me so happy. It was just what i needed. Yes, this place is a trip. I bet Daniel had an awesome companion because i feel like it kind of makes or breaks your experience here. Both of them are from Idaho (Rigby y Rexburg). Both of them have a great desire to want to learn. One is a convert and is a recent Physician Tech. The other has worked at the DI and as a CNA. Both are physically handicapped. Their names are Hermana Furman and Hermana Gneiting. Hermana Gneiting (nighting) slipped on some ice the monday before we got there and now has a giant boot on her black and blue foot. Both are very very nice girls though. They are both very open to the gospel and the spirit. My amigo Elder Jensen es en mi districto! He makes life better. Well i have no time. persevenar hasta el fin. (endure to the end).

I miss you all. I am growing. ITs good for me. Thanks for everything. I love love lvoe luuuuhhhhhh you! Talk to you soon,

Hermana Sorensen

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